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7594Red-breasted Sapsucker

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  • Steve Toth
    Dec 1, 2008
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      We see a medium-sized red-headed woodpecker
      drumming on the apple tree's main trunk
      a red-breasted sapsucker
      but the hummingbird sees him too
      & she bothers him along into moving
      in jumps up the trunk & away
      But he comes back when
      the hummingbird isn't around
      & hammers a couple dozen holes

      I can remember my grandpa
      jumping up from lunch
      & grabbing his shot gun
      because he thought he saw
      a yellow-bellied sapsucker
      landing on his beloved apricot tree
      But it disappeared before
      he could get out
      & get off a decent shot

      Now some people are telling me
      my grandpa was wrong
      He should have finished lunch
      or gone out just to watch
      The holes will heal with time
      & the red-breasted sapsucker
      has such bright plumage
      that it's nothing
      but a joy to lay one's eyes upon

      Steve Toth