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6836I Forget Sometims

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  • Anna Ruiz
    Mar 3, 2008
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      Sometimes I Forget

      Sometimes I forget what a wondrous shade of blue,
      warm skies bring to cover the earth lest Gaia should forget
      how bitter the cold of yesterday,
      yet the honest ground never forgets,
      tender green shoots shout to the sky:
      "I am here once again, did you forget me?"

      Even as I cannot forget my babies' milk breath,
      their giggles of pleasure, their softness, their firm
      strength in a small delicate grasp.

      No, I cannot forget how the cherry blossoms, how the
      heron flies, crosses the sky in a Halleluyah,
      I cannot forget how the ice forms around the
      baggage of yesterday I once again surrender to
      the dust clouds of memories and how blue
      reminds me of an infinite sky,
      a perfect earth.

      How this moment has passed away, whispering
      to tall pines of oceans far far away,
      how promises are kept.