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675February Issue of The Divine Animal Is Now Online

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  • Sieannen
    Feb 9, 2004
      The February issue of The Divine Animal features groundbreaking
      contemporary painting, photography, poetry, fiction and essays with
      erotic content, and that also meet the highest standards of

      Our featured artists are Balinese painters Pranoto and Kerry
      Pendergrast. Their work has the potential to redefine modern art by a
      synthesis of European and Indonesian traditions that sinks its roots
      deep into the Earth and embraces humanity.

      We also feature a disturbing photographic essay by Emmy Award-winning
      cinematographer Dustin Morrow, haunting nudes by Fred and Lara Ellis,
      and chilling portraits of Third World prostitution by highly
      respected photojournalist Piet den Blanken, which accompany an essay
      about "The Dark Side of Eros."

      "Songs of Innocence and Experience," by John Yates, is a sensitive
      and compassionate poetic exploration of a young girl's emerging sense
      of eros in forming her own identity, and the development of self-
      consciousness that distances her from innocence. This work is without
      precedent in capturing the human birthright of beauty and eros, and
      is a bittersweet reminder to adults about what they have lost.

      The February issue also features powerful and groundbreaking fiction
      by Sieannen Bell, poetry by Mark Turcotte, whose work is very highly
      regarded, excerpts from a play by Lauren Raine, and fiction and
      poetry by several other fine writers.

      We are constantly looking for talented artists, photographers, poets
      and writers. We invite your submissions, and assure you that your
      work will be warmly received and treated with respect.

      We invite you to visit us at http://www.divineanimal.com