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643"Glow Worm" by Charlotte Smith & "The Glow Worm" Lyrics by Lilla Cayley Robinson

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2003

      Today is one of those days that finds the heart having to wring itself out to
      make room for additional treasures from the universe.  My friend Bill L.
      sent this poem that he found on the internet in reply to the story I sent
      recently about "fireflys" lighting the path of my friend Lois and I as we
      wandered around soybean fields in southern Ohio on a pitch black night
      trying to find our back to the lights of the small town we were in. For those
      who do not know the story, we were checking out a crop circle in Ross
      County (Bainbridge) and didn't realize we'd be in the field after dark. Of
      course, we didn't have a flashlight and were de-"lighted" to have what we
      thought were "fireflys" lighting our way. Evidently, the lighted bugs that
      lay on the ground are called "glow worms." Hope you all enjoy this poem.
      Thanks Bill. You made my day!

      Peace and love,
      Sharon 444
      *Sharon Pacione*

      The Glow Worm

      By Charlotte Smith

      When on some balmy-breathing night of Spring
      The happy child, to whom the world is new
      Pursues the evening moth, of mealy wing,
      Or from the heath-bell beats the sparkling dew;
      He sees before his inexperienc'd eyes
      The brilliant Glow Worm, like a meteor, shine
      On the turf bank; amaz'd and pleas'd he cries
      'Star of the dewy grass! - I make thee mine!'
      Then, ere he sleep, collects the moistened flower
      And bids soft leaves his glittering prize enfold,
      And dreams that fairy lamps illume his bower.
      Yet, with the morning, shudders to behold
      His lucid treasure, rayless as the dust;
      So turn the World's bright joys, to cold and blank disgust.

      Charlotte Smith (1749-1806) was born in London. Her mother Anne died when she was only three, and at the age of six Charlotte was sent by her Aunt to a school in Chichester and later a school in Kingston. At the age of sixteen she was the subject of an arranged marriage to Benjamin Smith, with whom she was to have twelve children. There life together was far from straightforward, and the couple had many financial difficulties which led to her husband being imprisoned in debtors prison for seven months. Despite all her problems she was however a talented translator, and prolific writer of prose, plays and poetry. Including the Elegaic Sonnets in 1784 of which the Glow Worm was sonnet 58. She died in 1806 and is buried in Stoke.

      Also, following are the words to the song "The Glow-Worm"

      The Glow-Worm

      -Artists: The Mills Brothers as sung on "Remembering the 50's and 60's"
      -Reader's Digest/RCA Records RDA-030/A
      -peak Billboard position # 1 for 3 weeks in 1952
      -competing version by lyricist Mercer hit # 30
      - Original words by Lilla Cayley Robinson
      -Adaptation of the 1908 song from the German operetta "Lysistrata" and the
      -Broadway musical "The Girl Behind the Counter"
      - Modern words by Johnny Mercer, Music by Paul Lincke

      Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
      Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
      Lead us lest too far we wander
      Love's sweet voice is calling yonder
      Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer
      Hey, there don't get dimmer, dimmer
      Light the path below, above
      And lead us on to love!

      Glow little glow-worm, fly of fire
      Glow like an incandescent wire
      Glow for the female of the species
      Turn on the AC and the DC
      This night could use a little brightnin'
      Light up you little ol' bug of lightnin'
      When you gotta glow, you gotta glow
      Glow little glow-worm, glow

      Glow little glow-worm, glow and glimmer
      Swim through the sea of night, little swimmer
      Thou aeronautical boll weevil
      Illuminate yon woods primeval
      See how the shadows deep and darken
      You and your chick should get to sparkin'
      I got a gal that I love so
      Glow little glow-worm, glow

      Glow little glow-worm, turn the key on
      You are equipped with taillight neon
      You got a cute vest-pocket *Mazda*
      Which you can make both slow and *fazda*
      I don't know who you took a shine to
      Or who you're out to make a sign to
      I got a gal that I love so
      Glow little glow-worm, glow
      Glow little glow-worm, glow
      Glow little glow-worm, glow
      Glow little glow-worm, glow !!

      Transcriber's Note: *Mazda* and "fazda* are pronounced as "mastuh" and "fastuh"

      Transcribed by Robin Hood with help from his friend, Wayne

      These lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording mentioned above
      and do not necessarily correspond with lyrics from other recordings, sheet
      music, songbooks or lyrics printed on album jackets.