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633Serenity's Path

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  • Stephen
    Aug 12 1:59 PM

      Serenity’s Path


      My mind is a garden

      With petal, plant and bush

      With soil that is rich and clear sparkling brook.

      This garden that I Am.


      Spirit nourishes the roots of my Being.

      Tis the Light of my Soul

      That allows me to grow.


      I Am  the gentle fragrance of the rose

      Yet I too am the sting of the nettle

      That guards the edge of the path,

      Meandering through this Enchanted Land.


      Stooping now to pick a weed.

      Or so to think it seems

      For soon it returns, as if to say,

      That it has it’s place to.


      There are murky ponds

      And crystal pools.

      Valleys and meadows

      And mountains high.


      At times the path climbs upon the edge

      Of jagged crevice or becomes the trestle

      Crossing a vast chasms of fear.

      At times it is felt as a Radiant Glow,

      Supporting and caressing my feet below.


      Looking back, soon I see

      That all is but memories,

      Experiences past.


      Each side of the Now

      Is bright and full

      Of blossoms sweet, a land that is blessed.

      With balance, joy and happiness.


      Ahead lies a mysterious quest,

      Yet one that ensures success,

      If I but stay on the path.


      For my choice, it is

      To tarry here or forge ahead.

      To look back viewing the memories

      Of long ago.

      Or try to perceive a future lent

      Of unknown event.


      Or may I just enjoy this moment

      Of Light and Love Serene,

      That is this Path of Life.




      Copyright Stephen August 2003