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454Eternal Love

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  • namerif13
    May 1, 2003
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      Eternal Love

      A lone flame fluttered
      rhythmically in the quiet room.
      Through an open window, scent
      of Jasmine flowed languidly
      merging with moonlit shadows.
      Save for the ticking of that
      time worn clock, and the strained
      breathing of an old woman,
      eyes wide open and fearful,
      all was silent.

      A childhood memory disappered
      in the fog of forgetfullness.
      The candle flame began to sputter,
      and she became aware of the scent
      of Jasmine pervading her room.
      "Is that you, John?" she queried
      squinting in the darkness.
      "I knew you'd come!" she said
      smiling, the beat of her heart now
      synchronized to the ticking
      of the timeworn clock.

      A roseate hue graced her cheek,
      and that night, in that sacred place,
      they waltzed till the sputtering
      candle light slowly gave way to
      moonlit shadows in the room.

      "I will love you forever were
      their last words, and in the morning,
      they found the old woman in bed, smiling
      just as she did when love first bloomed.

      Douglas E. Fireman
      Revised and updated
      April 29th, 2003