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28Re: The Poet by Kahlil Gibran

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  • Paul Andrew Mitchell
    Aug 16 10:44 PM
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      What a wonderful way to start your venture in internet poetry, I have
      always loved the poetry of Gibran and this is a favorite.

      --- In VoicesOfThePhilosophersStone@y..., "Sharon Pacione"
      <wdestiny44@a...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone:
      > Welcome to the list. There was what I call a "holy cow"
      > moment in choosing the first poem for this list. Just
      > picked a book at random and on page 44 (my favorite
      > number) was the following poem which I had never before
      > read. Enjoy.
      > I look forward to the sharing of everyone drawn to this list.
      > Peace and love,
      > Sharon 444
      > (Sharon Pacione)
      > Wdestiny44@a...
      > THE POET
      > He is a link between this and the coming world. He is
      > A pure spring from which all thirsty souls may drink.
      > He is a tree watered by the River of Beauty, bearing
      > Fruit which the hungry heart craves;
      > He is a nightingale, soothing the depressed
      > Spirit with his beautiful melodies;
      > He is a white cloud appearing over the horizon,
      > Ascending and growing until it fills the face of the sky.
      > Then it falls on the flowers in the Field of Life,
      > Opening their petals to admit the light.
      > He is an angel, sent by the goddess to
      > Preach the Deity's gospel;
      > He is a brilliant lamp, unconquered by darkness
      > And inextinguishable by the wind. It is filled with
      > Oil by Ishtar of Love, and lighted by Apollon of Music.
      > He is a solitary figure, robed in simplicity and
      > Kindness; He sits upon the lap of Nature to draw his
      > Inspiration, and stays up in the silence of the night,
      > Awaiting the descending of the spirit.
      > He is a sower who sows the seeds of his heart in the
      > Prairies of affection, and humanity reaps the
      > Harvest for her nourishment.
      > This is the poet - whom the people ignore in this life,
      > And who is recognized only after he bids the earthly
      > World farewell and returns to his arbor in heaven.
      > This is the poet - who asks naught of
      > Humanity but a smile.
      > This is the poet - whose spirits ascends and
      > Fills the firmament with beautiful sayings;
      > Yet the people deny themselves his radiance.
      > Until when shall the people remain asleep?
      > Until when shall they continue to glorify those
      > Who attained greatness by moments of advantage?
      > How long shall they ignore those who enable
      > Them to see the beauty of their spirit,
      > Symbol of peace and love?
      > Until when shall human beings honor the dead
      > And forget the living, who spend their lives
      > Encircled in misery, and who consume themselves
      > Like burning candles to illuminate the way
      > For the ignorant and lead them into the path of light.
      > Poet, you are the life of this life, and you have
      > Triumphed over the ages despite their severity.
      > Poet, you will one day rule the hearts, and
      > Therefore, your kingdom has no ending.
      > Poet, examine your crown of thorns; you will
      > Find concealed in it a budding wreath of laurel.
      > ~~~~~~~~~Kahlil Gibran
      > from the book: "Tears and Laughte
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