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277"Dark Horse" by Rob Crosbie

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Dec 2, 2002
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      In the heart of a steller nebula
      A universe was born
      A swirling mass of primal, unforged creation
      Set in motion by a feeling so deep, so indescribable
      An idea whose time has come

      I envisioned a dark horse formed from the very void of nothingness
      Whose flaming hooves burned creation into existence
      And I was but his humble rider

      Can't you see why my heart no longer lives here?
      In a world so cold, so devoid of reason
      My steed is gone
      Tis now but the stories of myth and fable

      The night sky reminds me of that faithful steed
      Perhaps in my dreams I will find him again
      In Elysian Fields, where the spring waters run cold and pure
      Where the blue skies carry the scent of a fresh morning

      I still believe
      My will is a fortress of hope
      Impenetrable to the corruption of stagnation
      The seeds lay in wait
      For a garden of beauty to be planted within

      This vision won't die
      I still hear the echo of that dark horse
      Drawing nearer with every breath I take

      Come to me my friend
      Let us build a new world together

      by: Rob Crosbie
      (this e-mail address will change within the next few days)