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2641Once Again ~ Rumi

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  • ErcAshfrd@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2006
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      my sweetheart
      found me in town

      i was hiding from
      love's rapture
      i was escaping from the tavern
      but soon i was found

      what's the use of running
      no soul can escape
      no use hiding
      i've been found a hundred times

      i thought i could hide
      in a crowded city
      how can i when i was found
      among my own crowded secrets

      now i celebrate with joy
      now i'm happy with my luck
      just because no matter how
      hard i hide i am found

      how can i hide
      when all over are the marks
      spotting the path of
      my bleeding hunted heart

      and finally my beloved
      handed me as i was found
      the cup of wine that washes away
      all the worries and unhappiness of the world.

      ghazal number 330,
      translated January 12, 1992,
      by Nader Khalili