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251"The Shanti Stone at Hopiland" by Sharon Pacione

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  • wdestiny44@aol.com
    Aug 10, 2002
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      Hi Everyone:

      I spent several days at Hopiland and completely fell in love with this land.
      I was particularly drawn to a place on Third Mesa where I would go to pray
      for peace at least twice a day. I dubbed this place "Shanti Stone" which
      jutted out over the desert floor where the beauty was just magnificent.
      I also used two silk scarves (aqua and purple) and watched as the wind
      made them dance for peace, carrying the vibration of these beautiful
      colors to all areas of the earth. When the wind really took hold, it felt
      almost like flying. BTW, Hopi means "people of peace" so I thought
      this was a great place to pray for peace as I continue my journey to
      Sufi camp. Here's a short poem I wrote about this experience. Also,
      just in case someone doesn't know..."shanti" is sanskrit for "peace."


      scarves dancing on the wind
      soar with eagle's grace
      memories stir within the soul
      oh, how I love this sacred place

      while praying peace on shanti stone
      beauty floods the desert floors
      if man could see from where I sit
      there'd be no bombs, no more wars

      kachinas dance the village square
      for the love of mother earth
      it's up to us which world arrives
      what will mankind choose to birth

      gentle people walk this land
      I saw god at least a thousand-fold
      treasured wealth cannot be measured
      when the sun, moon and stars are gold

      eyes spill tears into the heart
      as mesas fade into the mirror
      all people of peace have work to do
      the view from the top has never been clearer

      by Sharon Pacione
      August 9, 2002

      Please continue to pray for peace for ALL people as governments
      continue to try to wage war. It really is up to us what kind of a world
      we wish to live in. Only when good people do nothing may we not
      like the outcome!

      Peace and love to all,
      Sharon 444