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2399Re: [VoicesOfThePhilosophersStone] Falling Upwards

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  • sole_magick
    Jul 2, 2006
      What a poignant reminder to savour each moment.  Love it, with a bursting heart, and yet without binding to it.  The Buddhists call this non-attachment.  What a challenge this is sometimes when there is so much beauty.
      thank you Eric


      ErcAshfrd@... wrote:
      Falling Upwards
      Ripe fruit or rotten fruit.
      Good rain or bad rain.
      It all falls upwards.
      Just one green season
      turns you upside down.
      Spirit is not invisible.
      Spirit is a kitten in your hand
      as you drown.
      It is a crab waving its claws
      as you think of food.
      A mine shaft full of dreams
      you have yet to imagine.
      A honeymoon you
      did not attend.
      You go out with a sombrero
      in a hurricane.
      You go out
      to burn up the world
      like a firefly.
      Baby steps lead to more baby steps
      then your mind drops dead
      but your heart explodes
      like a star.
      The way to fall well
      is to lose many hats
      and never to hang on
      to any branch in the rain
      because that branch
      is also falling upwards
      into a deep
      and heedless love.
      (c) Eric Ashford 006

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