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219"The New Year's Pause" - Maverick Sutras

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  • coronaborealis444
    Jan 1, 2002

      A simple exercise in foresight, yet nothing that you
      will ever do will be more important...

      Look at the road you're on.Where do you see it leading?
      If you continue to follow this road that you have taken,
      how do you see your life evolving over the next five,
      ten, and twenty years? Who will you be? Where will you
      be? What will you see?

      A simple exercise to take your time with. Look clearly
      like a navigator reading a course and studying charts.
      The kind of knowledge that you'll glean here is the
      beginning of wisdom, of enlightening and no one can
      do it for you, except you.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~Maverick Sutras
      from the zen site www.dailyzen.com