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1391Live on the Edge

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  • ErcAshfrd@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2006
      Live on the Edge
      The pavement is widest
      near the edge of the road.
      Safety margins come in two sizes. None or enough.
      Your thoughts are profoundly deaf.
      Superstition and assumption lead to blindness.
      If you cross my path
      I am part of your life forever, that is how it works.
      Do not make words your wisdom
      unless they are your poems.
      Only love can see anything real.
      Rename and reclassify just for fun.
      Experience is home-schooling.
      When you are young
      cause as much trouble as you can.
      If you have nothing to be sorry for
      then you have not really lived. 
      You are not here to be right
      only to learn how to enjoy being wrong.
      You can only feel the truth
      what you cannot feel is not truth, only data.
      Long for peace
      but know the difference between piss and rain.
      Trust love.
      Fear is the narrowest path you can take.
      Live on the edge
      where the road is widest
      (c) Eric Ashford 2006