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1057the secret Waters

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  • mary
    Jun 2, 2005















      Painting By : Jo-An Smith http://www.dsg-art.com/s/smithjoan/09.htm


      What was lost is found
      what was wounded is sound,
      The key of life on the bodies of men
      unlocks the fountains of peace again.

      The fountains of peace, the fountains of peace
      well softly up for a new increase
      but they bubble under the heavy wall
      of this house of life that encloses us all.

      They bubble under the heavy wall
      that was once a house, and is now a prison,
      and never a one among us all
      knows that the waters have risen.

      None of us knows, O none of us knows
      the welling of peace when it rises and flows
      in secret under the sickening wall
      of the prison house that encloses us all.

      And we shall not know, we shall not know
      till the secret waters overflow
      and loosen the brick and the hard cement
      of the walls within which our lives are spent.

      Till the walls begin to loosen and crack,
      to gape, and our house is going to wrack
      and ruin above us, and the crash of release
      is death to us all, in the marshes of peace.

      D. H. Lawrence, "Peace" & "The Secret Waters"
      from The Complete Poems of D. H. Lawrence
      Edited by Vivian de Sola Pinto & Warren Roberts
      Volume 1, Viking Press, NY, 1964, pp. 293-294, 461-462