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Ancestors: Matschulat, Weber, Olechnowicz, Baumann, Nassut

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  • Jill
    Hi! I just discovered this group and love the info posted so far! I have ancestors from Vistytis, but have not really been able to do much research on those
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      Hi! I just discovered this group and love the info posted so far! I
      have ancestors from Vistytis, but have not really been able to do
      much research on those lines. This has given me a good "at a glance"
      look at Vistytis history in particular, which I knew nothing about.

      What I'm hoping for is perhaps some hints on where to look for
      additional information on my genealogy.

      My great-grandfather, Leopold Matschulat, was supposedly born in
      Vistytis October 1, 1869. He emigrated to the US about 1889. He had
      a brother Karl whose family did not leave Lithuania until I believe
      just before WWII. My grandmother painted a very dramatic story of
      Karl and his wife and two daughters fleeing through the fields with
      Russian planes overhead. (My grandmother was something of a
      romantic!). She also spoke of them leaving behind a young son to
      tend the farm animals, and they supposedly never heard from him
      again. How much of this is true, or what the date of this move was I
      don't really know except that by the mid 1940's the Karl Matschulat
      family was settled in Germany, and my line was in the USA.

      I have the following info regarding ancestors from Vistytis. I would
      like to know how I should perhaps go about verifying this info and
      hopefully finding more. Also, if any of the surnames ring a bell
      with anyone. Thank you!

      Christoph Olechnowicz (b. March 02, 1800 Visctytis) married
      Wilhelmine Nassut (b. January 09, 1812 Visctytis) October 1831
      Visctytis. Their children included Amalie Olechnowicz (b. about 1833
      & d. about 1869 in Vistytis) and Ann Olechnowicz (b. March 2, 1855 in

      Ann married John Batram (born in Virbalis, son of Johann Batram &
      Louise Boehmke) in 1878 in Vistytis. I believe most if not all of
      their children were born in Vistytis.

      Amalie Olechnowicz married Bernhardt Weber Abt. 1865 in Vistytis. I
      believe Bernhardt Weber was a tanner. They had a daughter, Amalie
      Weber, born September 02, 1867 in Vistytis; died June 09, 1931 in
      Alpena, Michigan. Amalie Weber married Leopold Matschulat 1892 in
      Detroit, Michigan (see below for Leopold's family line).


      Martin Matschulat married Karoline Tietz. She was born January 02,
      1820 (possibly in Lithuania?). Their children included August
      Matschulat, born January 01, 1843 in Vistytis.

      August Matschulat married Leopoldine Baumann August 24, 1868 in
      Vistytis, daughter of Johann Baumann and Katarina Moder. Leopoldine
      was born August 28, 1841 in Vistytis. August & Leopoldine's
      included Karl Matschulat, born December 10, 1878 in Vistytis; died
      January 07, 1955 in Germany, and Leopold Matschulat, born October 01,
      1869 in Vistytis; died January 04, 1937 in Alpena, Michigan.

      Karl Matschulat married Auguste Jurkschat March 28, 1910. She was
      born December 17, 1887, and died April 05, 1966. I do not know where
      this marriage took place or where Auguste was born but I suspect

      Any help or hints would be appreciated. Thanks!
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