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We will celebrate 630th anniversary of Viðtytis in 2014

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  • vilkovist
    Dears Colleagues, We will celebrate 630th anniversary of Viðtytis in 2014. It is the date when this small, but very important town was mentioned in the
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      Dears Colleagues,

      We will celebrate 630th anniversary of Viðtytis in 2014. It is the date when this small, but very important town was mentioned in the Crusaders Chronicles and in the Description of the Route from Insterburg to Viðtytis and the castle of Merkinë.

      The Versme Publishing House, a serial book publisher, is dealing with preparation and publishing of monograph series only under the title of "Lietuvos valsèiai" devoted to anniversaries of events important to towns, settlements and parishes.

      "Viðtytis" - the monograph in the "Lietuvos valsèiai" series – is dedicated to 630th anniversary of Vistytis in 2014.

      Based on reminiscences of people, archive data, scientific studies, written sources and material, this book is being written by large team consisting of prominent Lithuanian historians, archaeologists, ethnologists, folklorists, linguists, sociologists, naturalists, local lore investigators, literaries. (see http://www.versme.lt/vistytis.htm)

      The book "Viðtytis" will contain many articles (please see the English Contents of the monography in the attachment below)
      I am the Editor-in-Chief of this book.

      We are kindly invite You to support financially the edition and publishing of this book.

      Financial support for book can be transferred to the Versme Publishing House, code 122732630, account LT027290000005467101, bank AB ,"Citadele", bank code 72900, Please include note: Support for the book "Viðtytis".

      Me and entire community of Viðtytis will really appreciate Your help and financial support.

      Vilius Koèiubaitis
      +370 601 66357


      Preface (by Vilius Koèiubaitis)

      V. I. Timofejev. The finds of Stone Age near Viðtytis Lake. Translated from Russian by Vilius Koèiubaitis
      Vilius Koèiubaitis. Viðtytis prehistory and stone age
      Ieva Ðvarcaitë. Viðtytis district subsoil structure
      Konstantyn Tylik, Alexei Sokolov. Fishes of Viðtytis Lake. Translated from Russian by Vilius Koèiubaitis
      Vilius Koèiubaiti. Viðtytis lake
      Rima Gagienë. Famous places of Viðtytis land
      Rima Gagienë, Nerijus Paðkauskas. Viðtytis Regional Park


      Jonas Basanavièius. About Viðtytis and its history (1916)
      Edmundas Rimða. Viðtytis stamps
      Petras Mikolainis. Viðtytis. Prepared by Þydronë Kolevinskienë
      Algimantas Miðkinis. The urban development of Viðtytis
      Marija Rupeikienë. The architecture of a sacral buildings in Viðtytis area
      Vilius Koèiubaitis. The cemeteries in Viðtytis Valsèius
      Vilius Koèiubaitis. Historical review of Viðtytis Church
      Jacob Hyam Rubenstein. Vishtinetz, Lithuania: from the Autobiography (1890–1963). Translated from English by Vilius Koèiubaitis
      Vilius Koèiubaitis. Jews in Viðtytis
      Balèiûnaitë A., M. Bradûnaitë, Malinauskaitë A., Gaidys V. Jews community in Viðtytis
      Regina Laukaitytë. Orthodoxy in Viðtytis
      Marius Klesevièius. Viðtytis Evangelical Lutheran Parish
      Þydronë Kolevinskienë. The book smuggling history of Viðtytis land.
      Iveta Jakimavièiûtë. The correspondence of petras Mikolainis – a book smuggler, publisher, publicist
      Þydronë Kolevinskienë. The female line of book smuggling: Petras Mikolainis` letters to Morta Zauniûtë
      Arvydas Vidþiûnas. Petras Kriauèiûnas, "Auðra" and Philology
      Kæstutis Þemaitis. Seinai Seminary in the life of Petras Kriauèiûnas
      Þydronë Kolevinskienë. Petras Kriauèiûnas and Zofija Zaleskaitë-Kriauèiûnienë
      Regina Mecutienë. The history of Viðtytis II Field village
      Algirdas Merkevièius. Viðtytis hunters
      Vytautas Nezgada. Life on the road: memories
      Rima Gagienë. Viðtytis in 1935–1940 ( memories)


      Rima Bacevièiûtë-Bakðienë. Viðtytis dialect

      Birutë Mardosaitë. Famous people of Viðtytis
      Graþina Kadþytë. The songs by Paviðtytis singer Petronëlë Gutauskienë
      Gabrielë Kuizinaitë. The man and the world in Algimantas Kezys creation
      Þydronë Kolevinskienë. Birutë Kemeþaitë: between Viðtytis and Chicago
      Petras Braþënas. The Poet Petras Keidoðius
      Kristina Bidoèiûtë. Viðtytis reflection in Zenonas Ðteinys art works and paintings.

      From a poetry of Viðtytis people
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