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  • Bill Dukstein
    Does anyone if there are any remnants of the German Lutheran cemetery in Vistytis? If so, why not include those tombstones in the spreadsheet, too. From:
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      Does anyone if there are any remnants of the German Lutheran cemetery in Vistytis?  If so, why not include those tombstones in the spreadsheet, too.

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      There's not much to tell. About ten years ago my daughter and I visited Vistytis with our wonderful guide Regina
      Kopilevich <miregina@...> (I'm not sure this is her current email address). We headed for the school and found it had a new small museum and dedicated teachers responsible for it. One of these teachers led us on a tour of the area. I paid for a brought-in-lunch for a number of teachers (this was arranged through Regina). And it was Regina who proposed recording the names on the grave stones in the Jewish cemeteries. She evidently puts men's shaving cream on the stone to bring out the inscriptions and then records them for entry into a spread sheet and translation.

      My gf was born in 1860 and left for the US (first Grand Rapids and then Detroit) in around 1878. A number of his siblings followed individually, living with him first before setting out on their own. All except one of the siblings adopted the name Mitchell. From what limited information is available, the pre-arrival name was some variation of either Detomischkofsky or Mishkofsky. I have a general idea of the distribution of these names from Minsk to Vilnius (the Deto prefix is unusual). It appears that most of the family members quickly dropped their religious affiliations, and some 2nd and 3rd generation members are unaware of their Jewish heritage (I discovered it -- or suspected it - - perhaps in my later teen years). This has complicated the genealogical research.

      I am not interested in family trees but instead in what kinds of lives my family had while in Vistytis, while in travel to the U.S., and during their post-arrival years. I am updating a report covering this life phases.

      Since my visit, there have been a number of others that have been posted online. And the Litvak Digest is a good source of other information.

      Your best guide to online searching is GOOGLE your family tree.

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      > I want to thak you very much all work and help you are doing for us,I find very interesting proposals
      > I never been in Vistytis , my family lived there before 1847, I think all my roots are there,my family (Wartelski and Sandelowski), they moved to Konigsberg.I will be thankful if you can tell me all about your travels there.
      > Thank you very much
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      > I suspect that a number of us with ancestors from this village have visited it over the years. The local school has a museum on the area, although it has almost no Jewish-relevant genealogical information. And the existing report you link, although welcome and valuable, is incomplete.
      > There are two adjoining Jewish cemeteries, an old and a new one (there's not much left of the former). I have unsuccessfully proposed that we join together in inventorying the tombstone names and information -- that would be entered into an Excel spread sheet and then translated. I know someone who could and has done this in other Litvak communities, but the cost of this inventory exceeds my current financial resources.
      > Someone younger than my 81years might take this work on as their challenge.
      > R Mitchell
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi. I am new to the group and am so happy to have found you. In 1990 my family and I went to Vishtinetz to trace our roots on my grandfather's side. The oldest person living there at the time told our interpreter there were never any Jewish people living there. However, if we wanted to visit the (very large) Jewish Cemetary and see the red brick wall that remained of the Synagogue (bombed by the Germans), it was just a short walk away. I am saying this tongue in cheek. The cemetary was so overgrown with tall grass it was hard to walk, however, after returning, I showed photos of a few tombstones to an uncle who was still alive. He actually recognized some of the names. I look forward to utilizing some of the links you provide to search for the family name "Pearlstein". They owned a farm and raised cattle which my grandfather told me was sold across the field - sometimes to the Germans and sometimes the Polish, depending upon who had control of the land
      > at the time. I'd like to share a link I found which you might enjoy: www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/vishtinetz/rubenstein.html
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