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  • janestarfield
    Hi,Vishtinetz Group I ve just joined with a view to finding out more about Vishtinetz, with a view to visiting it, possibly in 2005. Two sides of my father s
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      Hi,Vishtinetz Group
      I've just joined with a view to finding out more about Vishtinetz,
      with a view to visiting it, possibly in 2005. Two sides of my
      father's family came from Vishtinetz in the 1880s and early 1900s.
      They settled in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I live.

      So, I'd be interested to know if those of you who have been doing
      Vishtinetz-related research for longer than I have, have information
      about the Starfied family. Before coming to SA, the Starfields were
      known as Sterenfeld -- there are a variety of spellings, including
      Szterenveldt and Sternfeldt.

      My great-grandfather was David Starfield (ne Sternfeld)and was born
      in Vishtinetz in about 1863/5. He left there in the early 1880s and
      the first we know of him in SA is that he went to Kimberly, which was
      a thriving trading city, given the discovery of diamonds. When gold
      was discovered on the Witwatersrand in 1886, he settled here. He went
      into business with members of another Sternfeld family, headed in SA
      by Myer/Meir Sternfeld, and they formed a company known as "Starfield
      and Starfield". Meir also came from Vishtinetz, was born around the
      same time as David, and was one of the sons of Leib and Sorofaiga
      Sternfeld of Vishtinetz. Other brothers were:
      -- Chaim Velvel/Welvel?, a rabbinical scholar who settled in Petach-
      Tikvah in the early years of the 20th century
      -- David -- also a rabbinical scholar who settled in Petach-Tikvah
      after a brief period in Johannesburg. He had one son, Eliezar
      (married to Chaya) who, inter alia, ran The Star Hotel in Tel Aviv,
      for a time. David also had 3 daughters, including Esther and Miriam.
      -- Meir married Rachel Rosenberg (also from Vishtinetz).
      -- Barney Starfield, who married twice:
      1stly to Annie Rosenberg (rachel's sister), and secondly to Nellie
      -- Solomon Max, who married my grandmother, Louisa, daughter of David
      The brothers also had a sister, Taube Leah, who remained in
      Vishtinetz. Barney and Nellie visited her in Trieste shortly before
      World War II, but we believe that she must have perished in the
      holocaust, as no one heard from her afterwords. While it was hard for
      most people living in the west to make contact with people in eastern
      Europe until 1990, it was especially hard for South Africans to do
      so, given the country's pariah status.
      There probably were other brothers who settled in the USA, but whose
      names we in SA do not know. Max also had a twin brother who died

      So, after all that, if anyone knows about the Sternfelds, I'd really
      appreciate hearing from you.
      Many thanks
      Jane Starfield
      English Department
      Rand Afrikaans University -- Soweto Campus

      I believe that there may have bee

      I'd appreciate it so much
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