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337Re: Contacts in Vistytis

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  • eleanor_thom
    Aug 6, 2014
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      Dear Dr Seidowsky,

      I am very sorry that I can't help you with your search for contacts in Vistytis. My name is Eleanor and I am trying to help a cousin find information about her parents. My cousin is a Holocaust survivor and is now 73 years old and living in Virginia in the USA. Until very recently she thought she was the sole survivor from her family, but last year I was able to connect her to my grandmother, and we are now corresponding.

      My cousin knew almost nothing about her parents, but I discovered a lot already for her. The family (called Rowelski) came from Vistytis and moved to Berlin. They had at least four children in Vistytis between 1908 and 1912. The children were twins Jette/Jutta and Max Moses (my cousin's father), Hermann and Meta. I don't know anything about the family's business or the forename of the father (although I know he had a sister Rosalia Rowelski, my great grandmother). The mother's name was Dorothea Rowelski (nee Epstein).

      If you came across any information on your visit, even a scrap, or if you were able to ask after the family Rowelski, I would be so grateful and I know that my relative would be overjoyed to know any more. I hope you don't mind me asking you to keep an eye out.

      Very many thanks,

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