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  • Jola Dylewska
    Aug 4, 2014
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      Dear friends,

      Thank you very much for the registration in the club.

      In August 2014 I will visit Vistytis. I will meet some people in the city.
      In 2002 there was a lady there named Inga. She was a teacher and spoke German. I'm looking for the e-mail address or phone number.
      Also, I need the email address from a sport teacher in Vistytis. He organized with his pupils a group called "Our Jewish Neighbors." His name is Vitalius Gaidys. His address in 2002 was Vistytis 4285, Ju... Paviciaus, Vilkavskiyo. He and his pupils made a brochure about Jewish history in Vistytis. Maybe you can help me to find this brochure and, at least, a history teacher at the high school in Vistytis. Her name is Mardusaite Birute.

      Thank you very much for your help. I am waiting for your answer.

      With best regards,

      Dr. Seidowsky
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