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  • Lisa Waishes
    Dec 26, 2008
      Hi everyone, I am a new member looking for the birthplace (or any other info) of my Great-
      Grandfather and Great-Grandmother. Their names were Christopher Waisches (b. July 15,
      1858) and Julia Pookes(?)(b. @1866) and they came over to either the US with their son,
      Charles Waisches (b. @1883). I believe they were married @1880. I haven't been lucky
      enough to uncover their immigration nor ship records. Most of the records I've dug up on
      them say they were from Germany. Charles' war registration says he was born in Vilna,
      Lithuania but I'm at a dead end there. Also, some records say they were from Russia....and
      one woman who's ship manifest info says she was a cousin of Christoph Waisches and was
      from Medwilu, Russia (which I can't find anywhere).

      Anyone here know the name Waisches?? Which is now Waishes. Or could maybe point me in
      the right direction of where to go from here.

      Thanks so much for any help you can give!!

      Lisa Waishes xx
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