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  • David L. Langenberg
    Nov 2, 2008
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      Dear Daniel,

      Two of these names are known to me--the Wartelskis and the Sandelowskis were Jewish families, some of whom settled in the United States and in early years (1870s) were in Peoria, Illinois, where other families from Vistytis (Vishtinetz) had settled.  Some of the Wartelskis moved on to Texas.  The Belka name is unfamiliar to me.

      I have been very interested in collecting information about families from Vistytis.  Here are my notes on the Wartelskis and the Sandelowskis:

      The surname derives from Vartele, a small village south of Vishtinetz.  Menahem b. Avraham Varteski, of “Wistiten,” died in 1814 in Schreitlauken and was buried in Königsberg (Birnbaum, p. 28).
      Joseph Wartelsky (1862-1939) married Rebecca Sandelosky and was at Terrell, Texas, in 1900; they are buried in Temple Emanu-El Cemetery, Dallas.  Also at Terrell were several individuals named Brin (see above).  The family of Samuel Wartelsky (b. 1858) is listed at Ellis, Texas in 1900; he immigrated in 1864.
      Barney Wartelska (b. ab. 1843), a dry goods pedlar, was living in Peoria, Illinois, in 1870.  He is probably the same as Bernard (Barney) Wartelsky, who had a dry goods store on S. Halsted in Chicago, with his son Moses Wartelsky, 1887-    and later with his son Hyman J. Wartelsky, 1904-     .
      Tanchum (b. Hayyim Tsevi) Wartelsky (d. 1920) and Israel (b. Hayyim Tsevi) Wartels (d. 1924) are buried in the Anshe Suvalk section, Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn.

      Iser b. Yacakov Sandalowsky (d. 1852), of “Wistitten,” was buried in Königsberg (Birnbaum, p. 3).  A large number of persons named Sandelowski are listed in the Verzeichnis der wahlberechtigten Mitglieder der Königsberger Synagogengemeinde (Königsberg, 1927).
      Simon and Solomon Sandalowffsky and Elias Warwilsky (see below) were early immigrants to Utica, N. Y.  Simon Sandaloffsky was elected a trustee of Congregation Adas Jeshurun, Utica, on 17 August 1863 (Kohn, Utica, p. 15).  Simon Sandaloffsky is listed in Utica city directories (peddler, 1865-1868, 1871); Solomon Sandaloffsky appears as well (peddler, 1865-1868, 1871); as does Zara Sandaloffsky (peddler, 1866-1868, 1871) (Kohn, Utica, p. 166).
      Hulda Sandelofski, born in Vishtinetz in 1866, Hulda Demant née Sandelowitz, born in Vishtinetz in 1853, and Jankel Sandelowski, born in Vishtinetz in 1862, were living in a village near the East Prussian border in 1885.  (Private State Archive [Berlin] XX HA, Rep. 12, Titel 3, Nr. 19, Band 1-12)
      Yacakov Dov Sandalowsky was a subscriber to Karne Tsevi.
      The household of Benjamin Sandalosky was enumerated in Ward 1, Tyler, Texas in 1900.  It consisted of Benjamin Sandalosky, head, aged 61, born May 1839, married at age 40, born in Poland (Russia), immigrated in 1869, bartender; Rachael Sandalosky, wife, aged 55, born March 1845, married at age 40 [sic], mother of 9 children, 9 living, born in Poland (Russia), immigrated in 1870; Belle Sandalosky, daughter, aged 21, born February 1879, born in Poland (Russia); Dora Sandalosky, daughter, aged 19, born March 1881, born in Illinois; Edna Sandalosky, daughter, aged 16, born January 1884, born in Illinois; and Harry Sandalosky, son, aged 24, born December 1875, born in Illinois, salesman.  Ben J. Sandolosky, born 6 December 1839, died 16 January 1919, and Hannah Rachel Sandolosky, wife of B. Sandalosky, born 11 December 1842, died 3 July 1910, are buried in the Jewish section, Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Texas. 
      The household of A. Sandaloski was enumerated at 522 West Elm Street, Tyler, Texas in 1900.  It consisted of A. Sandaloski, head, aged 53, born September 1846, married at age 25, born in Poland (Russ.), immigrated in 1863, agent, brewery; Hattie Sandaloski, wife, aged 42, born April 1858, married at age 25, mother of 5 children, 5 living, born in Poland (Russ.), immigrated 1872; Ellie Sandaloski, daughter,aged 21, born June 1879, born in Arkansas, school teacher; Hyman Sandaloski, son, aged 18, born November 1881, born in Arkansas, in school; Idella Sandaloski, daughter, aged 16, born March 1884, born in Texas, in school; Ray Sandaloski, daughter, aged 11, born May 1889, born in Texas; and Leo Sandaloski, son, aged 9, born October 1890, born in Texas.  Abe Sandoloski, born 4 October 1846, died 19 August 1919, and Hattie Sandoloski, born 30 September 1854, died 6 January 1935, are buried in the Jewish section, Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler, Texas.  
      These families were possibly from Vishtinetz; there are clues that other individuals in Tyler at this time were associated with Vishtinetz.

      I would be quite interested in knowing how you fit into these families, as well as how you know that the Belka family is also from Vistytis.

      David Langenberg
      Newark, DE

      On Nov 2, 2008, at 9:31 AM, DANIEL EDEL wrote:

      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:
      My family comes from Vistytis, surnames Wartelski , Belka and Sandelowski, my family moved to Konigsberg, I am interesting to know all about my family, Can somebody help me to know how I can search born certificates in Vistytis?. Or somebody has any informtion about my family?
      I will be thankful for all informations you can provide me.
      Daniel Edel
      edelless@yahoo. com

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