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203RE: [Vistytis] hi all -- new to the group

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  • Amy Elizabeth Burock
    Sep 25, 2008
      Hi there -- all of my Lithuanian relatives who came to the US from Lithuania were VERY Catholic! My great grandfather went to church every day. Vizga was my great grandmother's maiden name. Her mother's maiden name was something like Brazgil or Braskel as far as I can figure out. Thans for your note!

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      My ancestors were Germans and came from the Graziski area.  The Vistytis and Graziski areas were populated by many Germans and the German Lutheran church records for Vistytis are available from the LDS.  I also visited the Catholic Church in Graziski many years ago, but to my knowledge there were no records available to search.  Do you know the religion of your g-grandmother?  Also, is Vizga her maiden name or married name?




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      My great grandmother, Anna Vizga, was from "Wartele", near Graziski,
      according to her ship manifest. When my mom was a little girl, Anna
      Vizga told her that she was from a part of Lithuania near where people
      spoke German (must be East Prussia) and Polish. Anna came to the US in
      1912. I am 98% sure that she is from Varteliai, near Lake Vistytis. I
      am struggling to find birth, marriage, death records relating to my
      Vizga relatives. I wrote to the Lithuanian State Historical Archives
      and they have nothing on my relatives. Can anyone in the group
      recommend where I might find records regarding my relatives from
      Varteliai? Should I try the Polish archives? Thanks! Amy

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