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  • spamnchips
    Sep 2, 2007
      It may well be "sz" as the handwriting is not easy to decipher. the
      actual words are something like "URODZIL SIE W Bokseyszkach (Lituva)
      DNIA" The capitals are mine and represent the pre-printed format.
      Your are also correct in that after the baptism date there is a
      reference "(w Wizajnach). Thanks very much for your explanation. I
      feel sure that I now have the correct birth place for my great



      --- In Vistytis@yahoogroups.com, "gallienus2000" <gallienus@...> wrote:
      > John,
      > -ach is the Polish plural locative ending, so "w Bokzseyzsach" (are
      you sure it isn't
      > Bokszeyszach?--the zs orthography would be rather strange in Polish,
      but sz is common)
      > just means "in Bokszeyszi" with the -i ending being the nominative
      plural, the normal
      > form of the place name. And Bokszyski is pretty near in sound and
      form to Bokszeyszi.
      > Similarly, your document probably reads: "w Wizajnach" = "in
      Wizajny." These two place
      > names have plural endings (i or y), and their locative case ending
      in both cases is -ach.
      > David Langenberg
      > --- In Vistytis@yahoogroups.com, "spamnchips" <jghford@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > > I have a copy of a birth/baptism certificate for my great grandfather
      > > who was born in Bokzseyzsach in 1872 and baptised in Wizajnach. The
      > > copy of the certificate was obtained in 1935 from the Polish Consulate
      > > as Wizajnach was in Polish Territory. I believe Wizajnach is Wizajny
      > > and the certificate also mentions Vistytis. Does anyone recognise
      > > Bokzseyzsach and does it have any alternate spelling. I can find
      > > Bokszyski on a 1935 Polish map and wonder if this is the same place.
      > > Because of the "rolling" history of this region place names must have
      > > undergone many transitions. certainly the "sach" and "nach" endings
      > > sound very Germanic. Any comments would be most useful.
      > >
      > > Regards
      > >
      > > John
      > >
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