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165Re: [Vistytis] How far is Virbalis from Vistytis

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  • Jessica Oswalt
    Feb 2, 2007
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      Dear Bill,
      My ancestor was Anton Frommert. I believe he had brothers named Johann, Carl and August and a sister named Christine. I believe he was born about 1875.  I think there was also at least one other brother, but I'm not completely sure. Most of my information comes from passenger list manifests, so everything is tenative at best. John, Carl and Anton moved to Essen, Germany, but I don't know exactly when. August's passenger list manifest from the Hamburg passenger manifests lists his last residence as Kybarti.
      Johann Frommert was born about 1868. Carl was born about 1870. August was born about 1878. Christine was born about 1881 or 1882. The birth years could be off by a couple of years.
      There also appears to be a nephew named Johann as well. His passenger manifest lists his birthplace as Pilikalin (sic), Russia. I think he mentioned that his mother was living in Erdykunt? (I remember it was spelled with an E, and I think it was in the German empire.)
      My great-aunt was told by her mother that Anton was from Wirballen. He listed his birthplace as Lithuania and as Russia in U.S. censuses. (I haven't been able to find definite proof yet. A couple of distant cousins are also researching him, so it is very possible that one of us will find information on his birthplace.)
      I do know that Anton was Lutheran and according to other family members, he was very religious.
      I don't know who his father was or his mother.
      If anyone has information or suggestions, please let me know.

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      Virbalis and Vistytis are relatively close, approximately 10 miles apart.  


      I have researched all of the German Lutheran church records of Vistytis and seem to recall coming across the surname FROMMERT.  If you can provide a little bit more information on what you know about your FROMMERT line, perhaps someone in the Vistytis group will be able to guide you in the right direction. 




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      Subject: [Vistytis] How far is Virbalis from Vistytis


      Hello everyone,

      My name is Jessica Oswalt, and I am new member. I was just wondering,
      how far is Virbalis from Vistytis? Has anyone come across the surname
      Frommert in their research?

      Thanks in advance,


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