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143Krohn Family

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  • plepner
    Jul 2, 2005
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      I thought I joined this group a couple of years ago, but recently
      rediscovered it and today definitively joined. Hello everybody.
      According to my records (source unknown) my most ancester in
      Vistytis was Moshe and Leah Krohn who probably were born in the late
      1700's or early 1800's. They had at least one son, Baruch who
      married Esther. I have Baruch's birthdate around 1810, but there is
      a Baruch Krohn who entered the US in 1875 at the age of 50. Not
      sure if it's the same one because some of his offspring were in the
      US before 1875 although that is certainly possible. He presumably
      had 7 children: Michla, Harris, Rebecca, Minnie, Gittel, Morris and
      Abraham. At this point, I have pretty detailed records. There are
      connections in Utica, many in Buffalo (where I was born) and in

      I have not been able to get any detail on the German end to know
      details about Baruch's or Moshe's wives or if they had any
      siblings. Also, I have not had any luck connecting into the Krohn's
      in Utica or other locations that were not one of the 7 listed
      above. Any help would be appreciated.

      Paul Epner