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  • romitch30
    Sep 26, 2004
      --- In Vistytis@yahoogroups.com, "ly2pu" <ly2pu@y...> wrote:
      > --- In Vistytis@yahoogroups.com, Bob Friedman <inwood@p...> wrote:
      > > The JRI-Poland database (http://www2.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/) has 2
      > > entries for DOTOMISZKOWSKA and one for DOTOMISZKOWSKI, all from
      > > town of Wizajny, located just a dozen kilometers from Vistytis.
      > Just some toponymics and lingvistic data:
      > Also a dozen km from Vistytis (and from Vizainis, too :)) are
      > located: village Dotamai, lake Dotamai and stream Dotamas.
      > A person living in Dotamai in lithuanian language can be called
      > "dotamiszkis" (a polish version of spelling), and many polish
      > surnames are ending with "-owski". Not sure, but it seems that
      > "-ovski" two or more centuries ago could have meaning of "belonging
      > to".
      > So, surname "Dotamiszkowski" could be interpreted as "a man
      > to Dotamiszkis".
      > Name of a village Dotamai most probably came from the lake's (or
      > river's) name. But that name sounds a bit strange for lithuanian
      > (no more known occasions in Lithuania), it can be a relict of our
      > lithuanian cousins Sudovians (jotvingians) language.
      > Also, word "miszkas" (a polish spelling) means "forest" in
      > lithuanian, it is frequently used as one syllable of surnames. But
      > not in this surname, I think...
      > That was just speculations, I have no enough knowledge in
      > linguistics, so take it as a little game :))
      > Vytas

      I have been able to find a reference to the Dotamas stream but not to
      the village or the lake. There are no entries in the Schoenburgs'
      *Lithuanian Jewish Communities,* Dov Levin's *The Litvaks,* The
      JewishGen ShtetlSeeker, or online maps. Is it possible that the
      village had a name in addition to Dotamai or that it had a different
      spelling? Vistytis itself had different names and spellings,
      including Vishtinetz (Yiddish), Vishtitis, Wishtinetz [Russian],
      Wistiten [Prussian], and Wishtiti [Lithuanian], Vistenics, Vichtinets,
      Wistivitz, Wistyniec, Wisztniec, Wysztyniec, Wisztiniec, Wysztyten and

      Any exact reference to the existence of the small village of Dotamai
      would be appreciated.

      Robert E Mitchell
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