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  • ly2pu
    Sep 21, 2004
      --- In Vistytis@yahoogroups.com, Bob Friedman <inwood@p...> wrote:
      > The JRI-Poland database (http://www2.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/) has 2
      > entries for DOTOMISZKOWSKA and one for DOTOMISZKOWSKI, all from the
      > town of Wizajny, located just a dozen kilometers from Vistytis.

      Just some toponymics and lingvistic data:

      Also a dozen km from Vistytis (and from Vizainis, too :)) are
      located: village Dotamai, lake Dotamai and stream Dotamas.

      A person living in Dotamai in lithuanian language can be called
      "dotamiszkis" (a polish version of spelling), and many polish
      surnames are ending with "-owski". Not sure, but it seems that
      "-ovski" two or more centuries ago could have meaning of "belonging
      So, surname "Dotamiszkowski" could be interpreted as "a man belonging
      to Dotamiszkis".
      Name of a village Dotamai most probably came from the lake's (or
      river's) name. But that name sounds a bit strange for lithuanian ears
      (no more known occasions in Lithuania), it can be a relict of our
      lithuanian cousins Sudovians (jotvingians) language.
      Also, word "miszkas" (a polish spelling) means "forest" in
      lithuanian, it is frequently used as one syllable of surnames. But
      not in this surname, I think...
      That was just speculations, I have no enough knowledge in
      linguistics, so take it as a little game :))

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