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105Re: [Vistytis] (unknown)

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  • Vytas Mickevicius
    Mar 23, 2004
      Hi Ilana,

      just a little thought - I remember a world rank chess
      player Isaakas Vistaneckis (it is a lithuanian
      spelling), he was famouse before WWII and up to
      I never tried to trace the roots of that surname, but
      it can be related with Vistytis, also with your
      You can try to search the web by a keyword
      "Vistaneckis" and may be you will have a good luck.

      --- ilana_wistinetzki <ilana_wistinetzki@...>
      > Hi Everybody,
      > I am a new member of the Vistytis group. I am trying
      > to find information about
      > my father's family roots. I have no information
      > whatsoever about my ancestors
      > time in Vistytis but I know that they must have left
      > before the turn on the 20th
      > century. My grandparents were well established in
      > Allenstein (Germany) at
      > the turn on the century. I also know that most of
      > the family members perished
      > in the Holocaust. I wonder whether any of you have
      > any Wistinetzki
      > mentioned in your files? or a link to some useful
      > site?
      > Thanks for your attention,
      > Ilana Wistinetzki

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