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  • upbigboy4000
    Apr 28, 2014
      Larry, the Aussies found some fabulous fixes for these. They also, I believe, came up with a part number. They are not exclusive to Germany.
      The problem with the Aussie Indian site is whether you can get on it and get to the article about how to beef one of these up without signing in and being a member. It was available at one time and had the entire procedure and epgrades along with pictures. Needs someone who is a machinist.
      They seriously re engineered it. I think they also have the common part number so the Sprague clutch can be ordered or replaced. The guys making the starter want to protect what they do and want you to go through them, but that is not always convenient or quick.
      Christian helped me with these a while back. Best way besides being in neutral is to make a switch and attach to your distributor that makes contact only when retarded so as to save the Sprague. As soon as it advances, the Sprague can not be accidentally engaged and ruined with the starter. This recommendation came from Timmermann.
      I personally want the Timmermann with the Aussie improvements for appearance and backup kicker.
      How about it down in Oz? Can you give us the reference to get to this article again?
      In a message dated 4/28/2014 3:28:19 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, lbarnes@... writes:

      Dear Fred,

      I have had a lot of unhappy experiences with my Christian Timmerman conversion of the original Tom Fuqua starter.  I wanted to keep the kick starting capability of the Fuqua starter, so I chose the Timmerman starter in the beginning.  That was my first mistake. …just more stuff to go wrong.  I ended up taking the apparatus to Jim Solberg who eliminated the kick starting capability and beefed up what was left.  The revised Timmerman worked fine for a bit, then I made the mistake of pushing the bike backwards one time while it was in gear.  Big mistake.  It has to be in neutral. 

      There is a part called a “Sprague bearing” that is inside both the Timmerman and Fuqua starters.  This is a fatal flaw of both of them.  If your bike is rolled backwards a bit in gear…or if it happens to backfire, the Sprague bearing breaks.  That’s why the sellers of those two starter types remind you so often to make sure your timing is retarded… before you push the button.  And it’s not like you can go down to the local parts store and buy a new one of those Sprague bearings.  They only come from Germany and are very expensive.  We searched and searched for a US substitute in the size it has to be, but found none.  I asked Christian about it at Oley and he learned that they are actually made in China, but are only available thru the German company.  And as far as I know, the only way to get a replacement is through Mr. Timmerman or Mr. Fuqua.

      Also, I am now having problems with my battery staying charged enough to spin the Harley Sportster starter motor that is utilized in both the Timmerman and Fuqua Chief starters.  The battery checks out fine, but something is draining it…and I haven’t figured that out yet. 

      Now speaking of the Kiwi starter, I spent some time talking to Mike Tomas at the Oley Meet.  And I must admit, his looks a lot sturdier and doesn’t make the clanking sound that my modified Timmerman starter makes.  And it doesn’t have that Sprague bearing I mentioned above.  Although I have no actual experience with the Kiwi starter, Mike knew about the fatal flaw of the Sprague bearing and designed his without one.  That makes me believe Kiwi’s is better engineered, but once again I have no actual experience and I would sure like to hear from folks who do have one!

      Sincerely,  Larry Barnes

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      I have a slightly handicapped friend who just bought a nice skirted Chief with a side car.   He needs the sidecar attached in order to ride.   He now requires an electric starter for the bike, and it needs to be very functional, and reliable.

          I understand that there are quite a few out there these days, and some even remodeled by others from the UK, and/or Australia.

          Can anyone chime in on all these different set ups?  Anyone have some first hand experience with any of them?  I want to get my buddy up and at 'em with his new rig.
      Thanks, RF.

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