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131075Re: [Virtual Indian] Don't trust your cylinders to a hack !

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  • Fred Johansen
    Apr 25, 2014
      Sleeved cyls make me shudder.  I've mentioned before how my guy used to do it, with the step at the bottom, and as thin of a sleeve as possible, so as to not hog out sacred base material.  Then the sleeve is silver soldered in to help it transfer heat, and not come un-glued.
          However, on the off-set boring you mention; that is a different story.  My old machinest (now retired) used to off-set bore our sacred cylinders if we just had a score on one side.   No need to hog out the whole jug, just to get rid of one scratch;  he would favor the scratched side, in an effort to save as much meat as possible in the sacred cylinder.   Mind you, this was all done before there were repro cyls available, and things looked grim on the horizon for parts.  Back then we were just keeping our bar hoppers on the road also, plus a little globe trotting.
          Having bores that are not perpendicular to the decks is a No No though.  Air cooled flat head motorcycle cylinders are not for every hack, they need a special love.  Thanks for the reminder.

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 7:05 AM, <edanc93@...> wrote:

      I just spent several hours resleeving cylinders that had been resleeved once already. That is not a difficult job, but repairing the damage done by an incompetent hack was frustrating. I posted some photos to illustrate.

      The original sleeving job was good--centered and perpendicular to the base flange. Some hack then bored it at angle, so the bottom was .027 off-center to one side, and the top was .027 off-center to the other side !

       Oversized sleeves allow aligning and truing the bore again, but I had to warn listers wanting cylinders bored----just because they have a boring machine doesn't mean they know how to use it. If they can't show you how to use an indicator--take your cylinders elsewhere.

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