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130222RE: [Virtual Indian] RE: Passing of John Welch

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    Dec 3, 2013

      When folks like this pass on, I always wonder what will happen to the accumulation of information they have assembled over the years. I know that when Chuck Myles died the vultures (some disguises as “friends” I’m told) descended on his place and made some silly offers to purchase everything. Fortunately, his wife is no fool. When my friend died, many old friends helps sort thru all his stuff and he had a lot of original parts, signs, etc., to liquidate the estate for his kids. My cousin was part of that effort and he told me that a very valuable sign was stolen by one of “the friends”, but nobody could prove it.


      I realize it is hard to approach someone’s widow to ask what will become of a deceased husband’s things. I hope his wife is well informed and finds a good home for what he has collected so that it can continue to be shared with others. Based on what I read here from those who knew him well, I would think he’d want it to remain available to others and not get broken up in an auction and become so much swap meet or ebay merchandise.   The key will be finding someone with the same passion as John to be its caretaker, librarian and be willing to share with others.




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