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Custom VA Hi CX kits?

Hey guys, I know we have a couple of CX guys and although we have never ordered them before now could be a good time. Castelli is running a special for custom
Mark Cassel
Aug 19

Sunday Late Ride

Hello Humans, As per usual, the end of my kiddo weekend means I'll be rolling out for a ride at around 5:30 or 6:00 pm, from Medlock/Meltons out to the
Angus Whyte
Jul 19

PowerTap going fast

Velonuts, I'm about to sell my PowerTap on ebay for $300. Anyone in the local VeloFam want to take it at that price before I sell it to some random dude in
Angus Whyte
Jun 4

PowerTap For Sale

Howdy All, I have PowerTap power meter up for sale. It's an older hub, with brand new (as of last March) G-3 insides, factory-replaced by Powertap. The hub is
Angus Whyte
May 19

Re: Socks

There is very little interest in socks. We will not be ordering them. Mark ... -- Mark Cassel 546 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE Atlanta GA 30312 USA
Mark Cassel
Apr 30


I know you thought you had heard the last of me re kits... Not yet, you haven't. We've had a couple of people ask about socks. I have spoken to the rep and
Mark Cassel
Apr 28

Re: Last call for VaHi Kits

Team Kit ordering closes tonight. If you want any kit order it now, or wait till the next order.
Mark Cassel
Apr 26

Last Chance to Order a Kit. ***Wind Vest orders are needed***

Just wanted to make one last push to see if you wanted to order anything. The order will be closing on Monday morning. The Fit Kits are still at Podium.
Mark Cassel
Apr 24

Last call for VaHi Kits

Hey guys, This is one of the last calls for kit orders. I would really like to finalize the order this week. Please place your order ASAP. Fit kits are
Mark Cassel
Apr 20

Re: Kit order.

Quick status update. We have met the mins for the bibs, but are shy on everything else. We need 4 more short sleeve team jerseys, 3 long sleeve team jerseys,
Mark Cassel
Apr 15

Re: Kit order.

Please place your orders ASAP. The sooner we can finalize the order the sooner it will arrive. Remember if you're not sure of your size head the fit kits are @
Mark Cassel
Apr 13

Re: Kit order.

The kit store is up and running. Head over to the site below and place your order. Not sure of your size? Head to Podium Multisport​ were we have the fit
Mark Cassel
Apr 9

Re: Kit order.

Hey Guys, The fit kits are in. Please head down to Podium at your earliest convenience to try items on. Please also thank the great crew down there and maybe
Mark Cassel
Apr 6

Re: Kit order.

Guys, Great news, due to the size of the total order Castelli will allow us to order items that are close to the minimums. So Climbers and Long Sleeve jerseys
Mark Cassel
Mar 25

Re: Kit order.

Looks like the bib and team jersey will meet the minimums. Climbers and long sleeve jerseys need a little help. Shorts and wind vests look unlikely. If you
Mark Cassel
Mar 22
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