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Preater,Princess Tutu play script

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    Evening everyone,this is Timothy McKann,and I just finished the script of the first act of my Pretear/Princess Tutu play that I ve written so far. Here is what
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      Evening everyone,this is Timothy McKann,and I just finished the script of the first act of my Pretear/Princess Tutu play that I've written so far. Here is what I have written:

      Pretear and Princess Tutu Christmas Play:


      Written By Timothy McKann


      Narrator: Once upon a time,there were two worlds. One was protected by a group of knights who were the protectors of their world and their Princess. The other world was protected by a prince,and a knight. But however,a calamity occurred and the worlds were covered in darkness. What caused the worlds to be in the darkness? The mystery has begun.


      (Morning Grace plays,and Princess Tutu enters,and starts to dance)

      (Princess Tutu exits after song)


      (White Destiny plays,and Pretear and Leafe Knights appears)

      (Characters exits after song is finished)


      (Drosselmeyer appears)


      Drosselmeyer: Welcome Boys and Girls,come and gather around for a story you are about to hear. The story is a love story about a Prince,and a beautiful Princess of the forest who appears in a flash of light. And of course,the other story about a group of knights,and their princess. So for now, let us begin our story. (Drosselmeyer exits)


      (Act 1: Scene 1,Mytho's World)


      (Mytho,and Fakir enters)


      Fakir: Prince Mytho.


      Mytho: What is it,Fakir?


      Fakir: We have to head back to the kingdom at once,and give a report to your mother and father.


      Mytho: I understand Fakir, but could you go back for me,and give them the report? I'm gonna check the forest for anything.


      Fakir: Very well,but please don't go to far.


      Mytho: Thank you Fakir.


      (Fakir exits)


      (Scene 2, The Ice Crystal forest)


      Mytho: Oh my! This is some forest,and this place is covered in Ice and Snow.


      ????: Who is there?


      Mytho: I thought I heard a voice just now. Who is calling me?


      (Mytho draws his sword)


      ????: I am no enemy, so please put away your sword.


      (Mytho puts away his sword)


      Mytho: Where are you?


      ????: I will be at the ice covered lake.


      Mytho: Okay,I'm coming over there now.


      (Mytho arrives at the lake)


      (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy plays,and Princess Tutu appears)


      Mytho: Oh my,you are very beautiful.


      Princess Tutu: Why thank you. So please,come dance with me.


      Mytho: Okay.


      (Mytho and Princess Tutu began to dance)


      Mytho: So tell me. (As he was dancing with Tutu) What is your name?


      Princess Tutu: I'm Princess Tutu. What is your name?


      Mytho: I'm Prince Mytho.


      Princess Tutu: Well my Prince,I really am glad that someone has come to see me. I hope well see each other again.


      Mytho: Yes, we shall. I'll really loved your dancing.




      Mytho: It's Fakir,I have to go. Let's meet again.


      Princess Tutu: Okay,goodbye for now.


      (Mytho exits)


      Princess Tutu: He was a nice person,I would love to meet him again.


      (Miss Edel,and Uzura enters)


      Miss Edel: Hello Princess Tutu!


      Princess Tutu: Miss Edel,and Uzura. How are you?


      Uzura: Are you in love with the Prince,zura?


      Princess Tutu: He is a nice person,and I may have fallen in love with him.


      (Drosselmeyer enters)


      Drosselmeyer: Oh my! You do have feelings for him? It's so nice!


      Princess Tutu: Mr.Drosselmeyer,what brings you here?


      Drosselmeyer: I needed to talk to you about something.


      Princess Tutu: What is it?


      Drosselmeyer: There is an evil queen of Darkness and she is leading an army of crows,and of course Princess Kraehe is joining forces with her.

      Princess Tutu: What is her objective? Isn't there anything thing we can do?


      Drosselmeyer: I'm afraid there is nothing we can do. But now,the queen is heading for Leafenia to capture the Princess of White Snow.


      (Princess Tutu,Miss Edel,Uzura,and Drosselmeyer exits)


      (Scene 3,Leafenia Castle)


      Sasame: Hayate.


      Hayate: What is it Sasame?


      Sasame: The sky is covered with crows,and they are heading this way.


      Hayate: Have all the Leafe knights assemble.Hajime,Mannen,Shin,Goh,Kei.


      (The remaining Knights appear)


      Goh: What is it,Hayate?


      Hayate: We mustn't let those crows in the castle. Goh,you and Kei are with me and Sasame.


      Mannen: Hey Hayate,what about us?


      Goh: This job is for the grownups,not kids.


      Mannen: So what are we suppose to do?


      Goh: Your job is to protect the Pretear from the crows.


      Mannen: Okay,we'll do it for you.Shin,Hajime,let's go.


      (Mannen,Hajime,Shin exits)


      Hayate: Okay everyone,we must protect the Pretear with our lives. So attack.


      (The Leafe Knights attacks,and two shadows past them)


      Kei: Oh no!


      Hayate: What is it Kei?


      Kei: A pair of shadows has passed through. And I have a feeling they're heading toward the throne room.


      Goh: So the crows were a distraction? We got to get to the throne room.


      Hayate: Sasame and I can handle things here. You,and Kei get to the throne room.


      (Kei,and Goh exits)


      (Scene 4,The Throne Room)


      Shin: Beyondios.

      (Shin creates the containment field to keep the crows out,but the two shadows took out the barrier,and reveled themselves)

      Mannen: Who are you?

      Princess Kraehe: I'm Princess Kraehe,and this is the Queen of Darkness.

      Queen of Darkness: And we have come to take your Princess away.

      Mannen: You'll have to get pass me first. Arcubus of Ice.

      (Princess Kraehe spins around,and blocks the attack)

      Mannen: She blocked it. Princess Himeno,RUN.

      (Himeno runs to the Door,but the queen blocks her way)

      Queen of Darkness: You're going nowhere,girl.

      (Two crows tie her up)

      Himeno: Help me,Hayate.

      Queen of Darkness: This will put you to sleep.

      (The queen uses a sleep mist,and puts Himeno to sleep)

      (Goh,and Kei enters)

      Goh: Oh no,they got Himeno. Step back,I'll take them out.

      Kei: Wait Goh,if you use your fire,you'll hit our princess.

      Queen of Darkness: We've got what we came for,let us be on our way!

      (Kraehe,Queen of Darkness,Crows exits)

      (Hayate,and Sasame enters)

      Hayate: Oh no,we're too late.

      Mannen: Hayate,we failed to protect Himeno,and now they got her. Goh,everyone,we're sorry.

      Goh: You did the best you could,but don't worry.We'll get her back.

      Mannen: But I learned her next target is a Ballerina Princess.

      Hayate: We have to go after her. So everybody,let's go.

      (Leafe Knights exits)

      (Scene 5,Mytho's World,The Castle)

      (The King,and Queen,and Mytho enters)

      Mytho: Father,I need to talk to you!

      King: What is it my son?

      Mytho: I know you and Mother are forcing me to get married. But none of the girls aren't to my likings.

      King: Is there someone else you're in love with?

      Mytho: Yes. And I have met her in the Ice Crystal Forest,and she was very beautiful.

      King: I see. So you like this girl?

      Mytho: Yes,and I want to invite her to the Ball.

      King: But Mytho-

      Queen: Let him do what he wants. This is his decision,and we must respect it.

      King: I guess we have no choice. Mytho,you may invite her,and give her this invitation.

      (The King hands Mytho an Invitation)

      Mytho: Thank you father.

      (Mytho exits)

      (Fakir enters)

      Fakir: Your Majesty,where is Mytho going?

      King: He is going to see someone.

      Fakir: Would it be okay for me to acompany him?

      King: That won't be necessary.He can take care of himself.

      Fakir: I see,well I'll be returning to my chambers.

      (Fakir exits)

      Queen: Was it wise to send Mytho off by himself to see this Girl?

      King: My Dear,Mytho knows what he's doing,so we should trust him.

      Queen: I see.

      (Guard runs in the room)

      Guard: Your Majesty,we have an emergency.

      King: What is it?

      Guard: The kingdom of Leafenia was attacked by an army of crows,and an evil queen has captured the Princess,and they will be heading here next.

      King: Then we better have our guards on High Alert. They may invade on the night of the ball.

      Guard: All right,I'll let the captain know.

      (Guard exits)

      Queen: Do you believe that the crows are coming?

      King: My dear,we will never let anything bad happen on the night of the ball.

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