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AMA 2012,and 10th anniversary of first apperance and 5th anniversary win

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  • Wingzero586@aol.com
    Hey everybody,this is Timothy McKann,and this year s AMA will be my 10th anniversary AND 5th year anniversary of my first win in the cosplay. If any of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2012
      Hey everybody,this is Timothy McKann,and this year's AMA will be my 10th anniversary AND 5th year anniversary of my first win in the cosplay. If any of you want to know,I'm going to tell you all a story on how it all happened. It was 2001,and I couldn't go to AMA 2001 cause there were bad people there,and I really wanted to go. But after I got back from Woodrow Wilson Rehab center.for job training there,I took a trip to Durham NC for Botcon 2001,and it was in honor of the 15th anniversary of Transformers the Movie 1986. I really had a good time there. But when I got a job at a Gas Station in 2002,I was going to attend AMA 2002,and it was my first Debut there,and I was Sepiroth from FFVII,and it was okay although I didn't win for the first time,it was the best. By 2003,I was in the Hospital and was diagnose with type 1 Diabetes,and months later,I was blind,and couldn't see. My next cosplay was Optimus Primal from Beast Wars,and only had one eye fixed in the nick of time,and I didn't win again.In 2004,I returned for my 3rd time to AMA,and I was Flame swordsman from Yu-Gi-OH!,and did Karaoke,and won 2nd place for my song "Dare",by Stan Bush,from Transformers:the Movie in honor of the 20th anniversary of the G1 series.And I didn't win again in the cosplay,By 2005,my next cosplay was Buster Blader,and also again the Flame swordsman which did not win again. By 2006,at the Richmond Convention Center,I was Sasame from pretear,and also wasn't able to win again. In 2007,I made an announcement that I was going to leave AMA forever,if I didn't win.That was the time,I met Fred Krohn who was supporting me in the 2007 Hall Costume Contest.And I was able to finally win my first cosplay award,and got an Honorable Mention for my Sorcerer Of Dark Magic costume,but however,my foot got injured from the boots,and I had one word for it,Ouch!
      So,that's my story,and I hope to get better in cosplay this time around.If you have any comments,please reply.
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