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Digital Manga Newsletter - Pirate In Love 2nd Editon (Test)

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      Newsletter Special - Part 2!! Did you get a chance to try out the Romance Sim Pirates in Love? Not sure which character to pick? Here's a review from Erin to give you a taste of what's in store:

      Review: Love on the High Seas

      Read on to learn more about how you can get your "Super Happy Ending"!

      Ladies, have you been swept off your feet by a pirate yet? If not, you need to go play “Pirates in Love”! This exciting romance simulation game sticks you in the middle of your very own love story. It’s a treat for fans of visual novels and dating simulation games. You will become a young maiden who accidentally winds up on a pirate ship. After choosing which handsome pirate to shack up with, you’ll join the pirates and travel the high seas, all while discovering love. Each pirate has his own enthralling, unique storyline.

      Captain Morgan is the charismatic, womanizing leader of the Sirius Pirates.

      Chef Nathan is quiet and boorish.

      Doctor Christopher is kind, but a little spacey.

      Swordsman Russell is hotheaded and passionate.

      First mate Eduardo is cold-blooded and twisted.

      Apprentice Thomas is determined and friendly.

      While some of them sound a little scary, in time they’ll warm up to you. You’ll join the pirates on quests, treasure hunts, and full moon parties. However, the pirate’s life is still a dangerous one, but you can count on your beloved pirate to rescue you from harm. You and your swashbuckling sweetie will grow closer through all these heroic acts, but remember, the fun is all in the journey.

      “Pirates in Love” is now available for the iPhone 4 and later (iPhone 3G/3GS, iPad, and iPod Touch not supported, download at your own risk – sorry ladies!) and can be purchased through the iPhone App Store. Each pirate’s 16-chapter story will cost $3.99.

      Name of Application: Pirates in Love

      Available: Now!

      Rating: 12+

      Price: $3.99/Pirate (Free for Prologue)

      Where to Buy:

      From iPhone and/or PC: Visit App Store → Entertainment category


      If you experience any problems while playing the game, feel free to contact Voltage Support: kaizk_en_app@...

      “Pirates in Love” is the debut game in the “Romance Sims” series by Voltage, a leading mobile content provider in Japan.


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      NOW ON SALE!!

      Pirates in Love
      Rating 12+

      Available in the App Store!
      Just $3.99!!

      The #1 Romance Sim
      In English for the
      first time EVER!

      Visit "RomanceSims" on Facebook for more details!



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