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  • MalikTous
    We had a phishing SPAM show up in the message stack. Hopefully I removed it before anyone sent info off to Eco Bank . I m suggesting the following as
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2011
      We had a phishing SPAM show up in the message stack. Hopefully I removed it before anyone sent info off to 'Eco Bank'.

      I'm suggesting the following as guidelines:

      Messages that hog a large block to advertise multiple products, and messages promoting illegal activities including Ponzi schemes, phishing scams, or blatantly illegal exchanges will be removed and the poster reviewed for evidence of having been spoofed or hacked. Multiple messages will result in temporary or permanent banning from the group. A spoofed member can rejoin after fixing the security leak and/or getting a more secure eMail address to rejoin with.

      Messages that link to sites known to contain malware will be removed, and the poster notified. Multiple such messages will result in the poster being blocked until they patch the security leak and re-apply.

      Messages with 'neutered' links (http:/?/badsite.com) will be treated as 'submitted link for investigation' request, as they are unlikely to accidentally connect the viewer with the malware site. The neutering (obvious extra character or other 'safety' gimmick) should be obviously deliberate.

      Messages providing a line or two with links to On-Topic commercial sites or advertisements will not be considered SPAM. Posting a link to a legal manga or animé site, costume sales site, dance or theatre group or supplier, cinema/movie sales site, or bookseller are considered On-Topic. If a large number of such sites or lists of purchase options are being submitted, it is probably better to put the lists in Files, then link to it with a line from your message.

      Messages that include one-line Off-Topic links to non-malware non-malicious sites may garner a warning but will not be removed unless requests are received from other members. Linking to such sites without being blatant or obnoxious is not a crime; posting a big sales list is obnoxious and will be removed.

      VaCPC VP
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