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Re: [VirginiaCosplayersClub] AMA 2011,and my Promise

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    I m not attending to that but I am trying to go to Otakon on July 29-31st. ... From: Wingzero586@aol.com To: animemidatlantic@yahoogroups.com,
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      I'm not attending to that but I am trying to go to Otakon on July 29-31st. :3 I'm going as Izaya.

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      [VirginiaCosplayersClub] AMA 2011,and my Promise

      Hey everybody,this is Timothy McKann,and Anime Mid Atlantic is almost here. I'm ready for this convention,and for my plans for this year will be 2 Fan Favorites,Kamen Rider Dragon Knight,and Flameswordsman from Yu-Gi-Oh!,so please vote for them. And also,I'll be doing Karaoke with one of my club members,and she and I will be doing "Our World",from Rhapsody:a Musical Adventure. (Note):The characters for Karaoke will be Mytho and Princess Tutu. And now,I have something else I want to say,I promise that I will never say I'll quit cosplay forever if I do not win. I'm going there to have a good time,no matter what. And here are the pictures of my costumes for Fan Favorite:
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