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403Triad Anime Con Report,Day 2

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  • Timothy McKann
    Mar 15, 2014
      Hi everybody,this is Timothy McKann with another report from the Triad Anime Con. The second really went well,I really had a fun time,and did a Trade in the Dealers Room.I got some cash for my Atari 260,and Nintendo NES. Bought 2 anime dolls,a Sailor Moon Doll,and a Cutey Honey Doll. I did more video footage of the con which I recorded. But However,I did record the Masquerade,and also competed.But however I couldn't win a second time,and did the best that I could,and I learned an important lesson,winning is not everything,and that's what counts. So this wraps up my Report from the con.My next con will be ZenkaiKon in Lancaster,PA next month.And I'll have another video planned.
      Timothy McKann
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