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120RE: [VirginiaCosplayersClub] Back from Animazement,and a few Surprises

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  • Dave RUSSELL
    May 30 5:15 PM
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      Gratz to you Timothy! I'm glad to hear you had a fun time. Thanks for the videos!

      I posted the slideshow on the Anime Adv1sor blog.


      To: VirginiaCosplayersClub@yahoogroups.com; aradsirrah@...
      From: Wingzero586@...
      Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 19:45:43 -0400
      Subject: [VirginiaCosplayersClub] Back from Animazement,and a few Surprises

      Hi everybody,this is Timothy McKann,and I have returned from Animazement 2010. I did have a good time,and I'm sorry I didn't do the Karaoke contest since I didn't make the list. I did however do Beta Karaoke,and also played Super Mario Bros 3,and had the top score for beating the whole game without warping to other worlds,and I may get a special prize for wining the game. And also,in the dealers room,I bought the final box set of Patlabor:the Mobile Police,and I'm going to re watch the entire series all the way.Plus,I did Craftsmanship at the con,and still waiting to see if I won.
      Now,first off we have a new member to our group,and I have a couple of Videos on Youtube that I added. Here they are:
      Dare Karaoke
      Animazement 2010 Slide Show
      If you like any of my videos,please reply.
      Timothy McKann at Wingzero586@ aol.com

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