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Re: [VillageZendoOccupyWall] Rolling Jubilee event on Sunday 16 December 2-6pm

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  • David Solomon
    Bokushu, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, i am away for the weekend. One thing is bothering me. Hospitals are mandated to treat all who present at their
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12 6:51 PM
      Bokushu, thanks for the info.  Unfortunately, i am away for the weekend.

      One thing is bothering me.  Hospitals are mandated to treat all who present at their emergency rooms:  treatment is free for those who cannot pay; hospitals receive a subsidy - not per patient but a yearly lump sum - from the Fed government for this service.

      Routinely, hospitals bill indigent patients anyway and hound them for payment.  Ultimately, the hospitals sell the debt to blood-sucking collection services.

      When Rolling Jubilee buys debt how do they know that the "medical" debt being bought is actually owed in the first place, i.e. is not billing for indigent-care that hospitals ought never to have billed?

      If you can find an answer, i will be most grateful.


      On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 8:26 PM, bokushu <timtucker1000@...> wrote:

      Greetings all... if your interest was piqued by the recent discussion and analysis of Rolling Jubilee -- the OWS spinoff that is buying back consumer debt and canceling that debt -- there's an event this coming Sunday that can allow you to learn more and interact in a freewheeling environment with like-minded folks. Those folks will apparently include some of the organizers of the Rolling Jubilee project, whose names I do not know as they are not listed on the RJ website.

      The event is going to be at 55 Walker Street, quite conveniently located for those already attending Seicho's going away party at 1pm at the Zendo (and I know that is everyone reading this message...).

      I plan to attend the RJ "open house" after helping to clean up the Zendo following Seicho's sendoff, and anyone is welcome to join me for the brief walk downtown.

      Details on the event can be accessed via the link below.



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