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Re: [VillageZendoOccupyWall] Good reading on the problems of Wall Street and its "regulators"

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    Bokushu, Thanks so much! Great! Kaizen ... From: bokushu To: VillageZendoOccupyWall Sent:
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      Thanks so much! Great!


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      Subject: [VillageZendoOccupyWall] Good reading on the problems of Wall Street and its "regulators"

      At today's OWS discussion there was a hunger expressed by at least one participant for background information on the highly problematic behavior and decisions of many bankers and regulators before, during and after the financial crisis. These unsavory, depressing tales have much to do with why OWS came into existence and why it is so very important and relevant.

      Some links are included below... the first two will take you to pages where the articles of Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone) and Jonathan Weil (Bloomberg) can be accessed. In my opinion, these are two of the best and most uncompromising writers on the corruption and incompetence that is all too common among senior executives on Wall Street and among the regulators of Wall Street.

      Below the Taibbi and Weil links, a few really good specific articles are also linked below. Many of the best articles that I've seen recently have been published on Bloomberg, which pursued litigation for quite some time to get the dirt on what was going on at the height of the financial crisis. It's ironic that Bloomberg, controlled by NYC's mayor, has done some of the most aggressive reporting in this area, since the mayor is hardly beloved by OWS. Say what you will about the mayor... his news writers are doing a bang up job reporting on some pretty tawdry Wall Street stuff.

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      Matt Taibbi articles:

      Jonathan Weil articles:





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