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70Re: [VillageZendoOccupyWall] Occupy Faith Meeting 4/12/2012

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  • David Solomon
    Apr 13, 2012
      Although "truth commissions" are established by the political power, they are comprised of eminent persons, i.e. those with the highest integrity and generally agreed to be above the issues being judged.  By definition, an OWS "truth commission" staffed by OWS'ers would not fit the basic requirement for an attempt to approach the "truth."


      On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 11:45 PM, bokushu <timtucker1000@...> wrote:

      Today there was an Occupy Faith planning meeting which I attended, representing the Village Zendo. Appearing below are my notes from the meeting for those who might be interested.

      On a related note, some people in Occupy Faith are involved in organizing singing "auction blockades" which are meant to prevent the auctioning of homes seized in foreclosures. I will be attending one such auction blockade next Thursday, 19 April at 1:00pm in Brooklyn. Anyone interested in attending, please email me at timtucker1000@... to coordinate the outing.

      In attendance: 19, somewhat lower vs prior meetings... perhaps due to limited advance notice. Statistic is cited that at height of civil rights movement only 10% of black churches were involved in the movement. Seems incredible....

      First, we are given a summary of the national Occupy Faith meeting in Oakland, CA a month or so ago. 17 different localities represented there. One takeaway was that other Occupy Faith groups elsewhere are more tightly integrated part of OWS.

      Q: how can OWS be sustained post Zuccotti?

      A: considering possibility of national bus tour this summer connected to publicizing and/or starting truth commission on economic injustice. Thinking of having truth commission public hearings Jan 20/21st connected to presidential inauguration and Dr. King's birthday. But nb public hearings themselves are just a small part of what truth commissions do.... much of it is data collection, taking testimony... from "survivors of the mass seizure of homes." Related issues: evictions, rent stabilization. Key point we are told is dispelling lies... but I would ask...what is truth? what is a lie? When someone defaults on a mortgage and is foreclosed upon, whose "fault" is it? To me, this requires a very detailed examination on a case-by-case basis.... I can't say there are just victims on one side and oppressors on the other. My lack of clear bright lines, kept carefully to myself at the meeting, feels like dissent unvoiced.....but with many seemingly "true believers" here I feel cowed. With my iPhone in hand, I could check right now on how the stock and bond markets are digesting today's initial unemployment claims uptick. Would that be the ultimate sacrilege?

      Many questions are raised and discussed: Should the truth commission be local or national or both? What should be the focus? Much discussion of what truth commissions do and possible approaches here. Fundraising an issue....two planning meetings next week, one on Monday on fundraising, another on Friday(?)

      Action on May 1st: Lots happening with staging areas in Madison Square, Union Square, etc. culmination at 4pm in Union Square with a march downtown. I voice the worry of violence, on both "sides," of people getting hurt. I'm not alone in this concern... there is awareness of need to help people who don't want to be arrested avoid the so-called red zone(s) where civil disobedience will be undertaken. Someone says that having the actual choice of whether or not to be exposed to police brutality is a privilege since many people do not have that choice -- they are frequently, involuntarily exposed.

      Next Occupy Faith meeting may be scheduled for evening of Thursday 4/26. Evening meetings are being sought because of lack of people of color at these Occupy Faith meetings. But 4/26 is Fusatsu so fyi I wouldn't attend that meeting. I'll be at Fusatsu, perhaps ringing a bell or two.

      Respectfully submitted,

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