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1Welcome to the VillageZendoOccupyWall group!

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  • VillageZendoOccupyWall-owner@yahoogroups.
    Nov 29, 2011
      We are an outgrowth of conversations begun at the Village Zendo concerning how our practice relates to the Occupy Wall Street movement and its related issues. We welcome you to join our discussion. As with sharing in the zendo, please speak from your heart, and be considerate of all points of view. We are committed to being open to one another and an inclusive approach to our discussons.
      From our meeting on 11/27:
      Overall summary and recommendation
      The strongest single element voiced throughout the discussion was a level of fear shared by everyone gathered. This fear inhibits speaking our own feelings and thoughts, especially when the operating assumption is that the zendo is liberal/leftish. Everyone agreed that it was imperative that we continue to provide a safe place for people to voice their thoughts, feelings and opinions without fear of group criticism, and that that was one of the central contributions the zendo could make. If we can create a space and time for facing fears, and coming to terms with whatever changes happen, we will be using the practice of zazen and experiencing vividly the impermanence which Buddhism addresses so profoundly. Most people liked the idea of having a series of evening dedicated to meditation followed by discussion, and liked the idea of opening it to other Buddhist groups or the general public, but felt we needed to meet again to spell out more clearly what shape such discussions might take. That NEXT MEETING WILL NOT BE 11/3 AS PLANNED. NEW MEETING DATE ANNOUNCEMENT LATER THIS EVENING.
      Thank you for your practice.
      In gassho,