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Re: [VictoriaYC] Bearings on the sail servo arm...

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  • Michael Biggs
    I think you can do no better than ceramic fishing guides for sheet bearings on a Vic. There may be classes where the sheet tension is high enough that
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      I think you can do no better than ceramic fishing guides for sheet bearings on a Vic. There may be classes where the sheet tension is high enough that anti-friction bearings are a definite improvement (such as maybe IOM, but even here you can maybe just put in a sail servo with more torque - don't hold me to anything regarding IOMs), but I'm reasonably sure that isn't the case for Vics, unless, as I said in the first place, your sail servo is a little underpowered. Then I'd replace the servo...

      I have a couple hundred small plastic beads I picked up someplace such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby that I have used some of the time, but my main servo arm bearings the last several years have been small plastic rings, also from someplace like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Or a WalMart sewing section. They might be sewn along the edge of kitchen curtains to fit around a small-diameter curtain rod. I epoxy these items to my model aircraft plywood servo arms, but I've also used sheet aluminum. I've used the offset arms, and straight-across arms. I liked the idea of the offset arm, which when properly positioned, allows a hard-on-the-wind main to open a little faster than the jib, so that when a puff hits, one can ease off a tad to allow the boat to come back more upright, but the jib continues to drive. But the guys who were beating me regularly didn't bother with offset arms, so I decided to try it their way, and I've never bothered to go back. They still beat
      me regularly.

      Other places I've used plastic screw anchors that I trimmed short, keeping only the "eyelet" part, which I epoxied in the hull where appropriate. Think I've seen aluminum pop rivets used, but I wouldn't swear to it. Any smooth, round, hard surface will probably make a good bearing surface for sheets.

      Mike Biggs

      From: Marc Smith <smith.marcj@...>
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      Mike I use 5646 as well. going on two years now. I have a spare, that
      is still in the original box in my tool kit...pretty bulletproof servo..

      for my turning points

      I have used #6 or #7 single foot ceramic fishing pole guides. no
      fouling and it keeps with the KISS principle. Another thing that I have
      with good success is the pekabe grommets


      i whip the grommet to a carbon rod, and then whip the carbon rod to a
      double side servo horn. I have not gotten into the "offset" attachment
      points on the sail arm winch, but with some creativity I'm sure
      the grommets and pole guides could be attached to be functional.

      I also use the fishing pole guides in the hull to guide the lines to
      keep them from fouling on wires, battery and rudder servo...

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