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Hasher Special!!

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  • eiddik5
    Only 7 cabins available until June 30th!! Get a 7 night hash cruise with activities and parties included for only $592 per person!!! That s right, pay $617
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      Only 7 cabins available until June 30th!! Get a 7 night hash cruise
      with activities and parties included for only $592 per person!!!
      That's right, pay $617 and some change, and receive $25 shipboard
      credit. Carnival has been taking back our cabins so they can sell
      them at a higher price. Don't let them take these away. Put down
      your deposit now, and hold your spot. I have one female hasher
      looking for a roommate, and one male hasher looking for a roommate.
      Let me know if you are intereested. Be a part of the next high seas
      Cruise On-On,
      "Everything ROCKED!!! You are truly amazing to have pulled all of
      this together. Next year I already have at least 10 others who are
      for sure coming - just waiting for the dates." – Repeat Offender

      Oct. 14 – Oct. 21, 2007
      "This will be a Legendery hash vacation…"

      Come and join the Tampa Hashers as we set sail on the 8th Annual
      Caribbean Hash Cruise. We will be departing from the port of Tampa,
      FL and sailing on Carnival Cruise Line's ship "The Legend". We'll be
      cruising to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya. This ship
      is over 960 ft long and has 13 decks. The cabins are luxurious, many
      with balconies, and each cabin has a mini fridge. This will be a 7
      night, 8-day cruise visiting 4 exotic ports! Included will be your
      accommodations, entertainment, delicious 4 course meals, Vegas-style
      shows, Comedy acts, International singers, swimming pools, a Fitness
      Center, a water slide, Jacuzzis, a sauna, a whirlpool, a steam room,
      a casino, an internet café, duty free shops, a disco, a piano bar,
      midnight buffets, 24-hour complimentary room service, and 24-hour
      pizza and ice cream.

      As a part of the hasher group we will have special events, private
      parties, onboard hash runs and discounted group shore excursions. We
      will have a pre-cruise hash run and a "Meet your cruisemates" party
      in Tampa on Saturday night. Then, we will meet up for a "Bon-voyage
      party" prior to boarding. After our group photo, we will have
      a "Bathrobes and Bubbly" champagne toast to our departure. We will
      have four more onboard parties, including a "Welcome Party", a "Beer-
      Fest", a "Theme Party" and a "Sunset Sarong Party". These events will
      include all the beer you can drink, as well as the choice of 2 other
      alcoholic beverages. We are also planning a room crawl, a topless
      deck party, a ghetto hall party and a karaoke singing adventure. Free
      champagne and cabin treats, free wine at dinner on formal nights,
      free cabin upgrades, and special prizes and giveaways. We are
      planning special group shore excursions in all of the ports,
      including a "Beer Beach Party". On past cruises we have had a group
      excursion to snorkel/swim with stingrays, and another to go cave
      tubing. In Cozumel, we have cruised on a party boat and played at a
      Mexican Beach Club. Using the input of the attendees, I will
      organize similar events, or go for something new, like a trip to see
      Mayan Ruins. More information to come…

      Look what we're planning:
      · Friday Pre-cruise Happy Hour
      · Saturday Tampa Hash Run
      · Saturday On-After Pool Party
      · Sunday Bon Voyage Party
      · Bathrobes and Bubbly Party
      · Welcome Aboard Party
      · Theme Party
      · Sunset Sarong Party
      · Topless Deck Party
      · Onboard Hash Runs
      · Ghetto Hall Party with Stairwell Twister
      · Hash Room Crawl
      · Hash Contests and Games with prizes
      · Hash Lanyard and Tag
      · Costa Mayan hash run with Mexican beer and beach fun
      · Mexican Beach Club party in Cozumel with giveaways and
      · Opt. Group excursion to Snorkel and Swim with the
      Stingrays in Grand Cayman· Opt. Group excursion to Tube in
      the Rainforest in Belize
      · Opt. Group excursion to see Mayan Ruins

      "We were both exceedingly happy with everything and grateful for your
      efforts. In any case, I will highly recommend this trip to others in
      Pittsburgh ... tonight. I've been hashing for over 25 years. This
      was the best event yet." – Noah

      Rates are per person and include all Port Charges and Taxes:
      Inside Cabin Outside Cabin Balcony
      Double $617.53/pp
      $717.53/pp $817.53/pp
      Triple $530.86/pp $607.53/pp
      Quad $487.53/pp $552.53/pp

      $250 per person deposit is due at the time of booking.
      Final payment due by July 20th, 2007. Limited number of cabins
      available at this rate!!

      For Reservations and Information, contact Kristie Gibson at Cruise
      World at 1-800-228-1153. Tell her that you are interested in the
      hasher cruise. Then, give your hash name and e-mail address to
      Kiddie at kiddie5@verizon. net so that you are added to the "Look
      Who's Coming List" for hash cruise information and updates. Also, e-
      mail Kiddie with any questions about this cruise, previous hash
      cruises, or if you would like help finding a roommate. If you are
      interested in an "Open Bar" option, it costs $40 per day, per person,
      or $280 for the week. E-mail Kiddie if you would be interested in
      this option, because we must have a minimum of 30 people to make it

      Sun. Oct. 14 Tampa --
      Mon. Oct. 15 Fun Day At Sea --
      Tues. Oct. 16 Grand Cayman
      7:00a.m. 4:00p.m.
      Wed. Oct. 17 Cozumel
      9:00a.m. 6:00p.m.
      Thurs. Oct. 18 Belize
      8:00a.m. 5:00p.m.
      Fri. Oct. 19 Costa Maya
      8:00a.m 5:00p.m.
      Sat. Oct. 20 Fun Day at Sea --
      Sun. Oct. 21 Tampa 8:00a.m.

      "Thanks again for an awesome time!!!! I cannot think of any hash
      campout, event, etc., that comes even close to approaching the amount
      of fun I had on your cruise!" – Dude, Where's My Car?

      "Once again putting on the most fabulous and awesome hash cruise. So
      much fun, so much beer, so many blacked out memories.... ..Thank you
      Kiddie for all the work you put on for us to have such a great
      time." – F. Stupid

      "Last years cruise was great but I think you out did yourself this
      year.... veilen dank, mucho gracias, thank you and any other way it
      can be said (and spelt...lol) ... am SOOOO looking forward to next
      years" – Bimbo

      "This was truly the best, much needed vacation I've ever had!!!" –
      Womb Service

      "Thanks so much for such an incredible time!" – Kimchi Cab D-Lite

      "Late nights, good friends, big boat, beer driven appetites… and a
      little metal bell." – Ginger Snatch

      " Hopefully I make it to another hash cruise!!" – Red Wing Angel

      "AWESOME JOB!!" – Fish

      Cancellation Terms:
      76 days or more prior to sailing - Full Refund
      30 to 75 days prior to sailing - $250 per person
      8 to 29 days prior to sailing - 50% of the cruise rate per person
      7 days or less prior to sailing – No Refunds
      Name changes are allowed at no charge until 76 days prior to sailing.
      Name changes within 76 days of sailing incur a $75 fee.
      Optional Trip Protection Insurance is available for purchase at
      Cruise World. This insurance would reimburse you for cancellations
      due to medical or family emergency reasons. This coverage also covers
      expenses for trip interruption, lost or delayed baggage, and medical
      expenses not covered by your health insurance policy.
      Look Who's Coming
      "Legend" Hash Cruise
      Oct 14 – Oct 21, 2007

      1. Bimbo on the Run – England
      2. Money Shot -
      3. Kiddie – Tampa, FL4. Ear Muff – Tampa, FL5.
      Just Laid – Orlando, FL6. Rub My Buns – Orlando, FL
      7. Dude, Where's My Car? – Houston, TX8. ??????
      9. Fire in the Hole – Emerald Coast, FL
      10. Imagine My Erection – Emerald Coast, FL11. Fecal F***er –
      Daytona Beach, FL12. ?????
      13. Wayyy Beyond Gayyy – Daytona Beach, FL14. ?????
      15. Burnt Tatas – CA
      16. Doktor Dive – CA
      17. Tie Me Down Dick – Tampa, FL18. Sextra Credit – Tampa,
      FL19. Bone Sucker – Austin, TX20. Mystery Hasher
      21. Mystery Hasher
      22. NY Hasher
      23. NY Hasher
      24. Caught from Behind – Tampa, FL25. Goo Light Special –
      Tampa, FL
      Look Who Says they're Coming

      1. LMAU – Melbourne, FL2. Blows the Hammer Stanley –
      3. Repeat Offender – Phoenix, AZ4. Captain Jerk –
      Carlsbad, CA5. Richard Pierce – Daytona Beach, FL6.
      STFU – Melbourne, FL7. Sperm Burp – Orlando, FL8.
      Chippendale – Orlando, FL
      9. Tooth Fairy – Orlando, FL10. Remington Pussy, Naples,
      FL11. More Sex - Tampa, FL12. Where's My Goat – Tampa,
      FL13. Twat, Cunt Hear You – Tampa, FL14. 3 Holes, No Waiting –
      Orlando, FL15. Service – Tampa, FL16. Candy – Tampa, FL
      17. Kay Why – Tallahassee, FL18. Peterphile - Orlando, FL19.
      Lunar E-Clit - Orlando, FL
    • Sean Wilson
      This all sounds great, but Kristine and I have just returned from a most excellent Free Style cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line to the Bahamas and Bermuda.
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 24, 2007
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        This all sounds great, but Kristine and I have just
        returned from a most excellent "Free Style" cruise on
        Norwegian Cruise Line to the Bahamas and Bermuda. (Our

        Unfortunately we'll have to miss.


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