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Re: [Ventura_County_H3] Hares Needed for This Sundayz Hash!

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  • Mary Kame
    As nazi Hash-Cash, I ain t buckin up for beer check coolers. Those coolers hashed more years than I have. If you hare, you need to place them somewhat
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2005
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      As nazi Hash-Cash, I ain't buckin' up for beer check coolers.  Those coolers hashed more years than I have.  If you hare, you need to place them somewhat inconspicuously and gather them up in a timely manner. 
      If anyone has smaller coolers laying around (at lease big enough to hold a 12-pack) that you've borrowed/stolen from outside the hash,   we could use them.  I saw on TV there's an abundance in the streets of New Orleans, so if you're headed that way...
      Otherwise, I'll be forced to surrender my treasured plethora of Vons and Smart & Final bags.

      At UR <divingrocks@...> wrote:
      Hi, no one has listed their shitty trail for this cumming Sunday! 
      Someone needs to step up and list the start ASAP!!  If you are reading
      this, this means YOU! List it TODAY!
      500th has ample hares and it cumming together nicely, with shirts,
      tags, beer and food all in the works!  Be sure and bring a dormant
      hasher and virgins OCT 30th!
      Hares still needed for the 16th also!  Scout it, plan it, post it!


      P.S.  If you have the god-damn beercheck coolers, bring them back to me, NOW!!!

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