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REVISED Saturday August 2 Potluck Picnic info

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  • carolyngithens
    REVISED Saturday August 2 Picnic: 4pm Beach Fun but No Swimming VSSJ/Vegetarian Neighbors Potluck Picnics at Parvin State Park Saturday August 2 and Sunday
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      REVISED Saturday August 2 Picnic:
      4pm Beach Fun but No Swimming 

      VSSJ/Vegetarian Neighbors Potluck Picnics at Parvin State Park

      Saturday August 2 and Sunday August 10 (come to one or both)
      4pm Swim (or anytime before 5:45pm) adults pay $2 to the Park, free for seniors and kids 3 & under.
      6pm Potluck Picnicno chargePlease review the VSSJ potluck guidelines below.
      Go to main park/beach entrance on Almond Road, park across street, after entering go to the picnic area on the right (first aid and men's bathroom side) and look for Vegetarian Neighbors sign.
      Directions: From Route 55 north or south, take exit 35 and follow signs to the park.The park is located between Centerton and Vineland on Route 540 (701 Almond Road) in Pittsgrove NJ 08318.
      Hosted by Anne, Freya, and Clint Dinshah. Questions call 856-694-2887.
      For all VSSJ potlucks: Each individual in your party (with the exception of children under 12) brings a vegetarian dish to share that will feed at least 6 people (vegan dishes preferred so that all types of vegetarians may enjoy the food), along with the recipe or a list of ingredients. Because of past issues with people not having enough to eat, please bring at least as much as your family is going to eat. VSSJ provides beverages, so please provide a food contribution. To promote recycling, VSSJ encourages you to bring your own plate, cup, and utensils if possible (we will have extra place settings).  Due to safety issues, children under 12 must be under parental supervision at all times.  
      *   Vegetarian = No Meat, Fish, or Gelatin.
      **  Vegan = No Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Gelatin, or Honey.

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