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Vegan Potluck & Games

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  • carolyngithens
    Vegetarian Neighbors (part of VSSJ) is back in town! Join us for a Vegan Potluck & Games with great food, conversations, and board games. Friday April 4 6pm
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2014
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      Vegetarian Neighbors (part of VSSJ) is back in town!

      Join us for a Vegan Potluck & Games
      with great food, conversations, and board games.

      Friday April 4 
      6pm Vegan Bookstore open 
      7pm Dinner
      8pm Games (Scrabble, Triominos, and more)
      Bookstore will also be open after dinner.

      American Vegan Society headquarters 
      56 Dinshah Lane, Malaga, NJ 08328

      For more Info:
      American Vegan Society  856-694-2887
      RSVP is NOT required for this event

      Please bring a vegan dish that serves at least 6 with a list of the ingredients or the recipe, as well as your own place setting, eating utensils & serving spoons.

      Please review the VSSJ potluck guidelines below. 

      For all VSSJ events:

      Everyone is welcome!  VSSJ events are open to the public, except when noted as members only.  Please check your email on the day of the event for the possibility of cancellation.  If you're not on our Yahoo email list, please click on the "Mailing List" link on the left to add your name.  Please contact VSSJ at thevssj@... or 609-848-VEG1 (8341) for additional information, directions, or to volunteer.

      For all VSSJ potlucks:

      Each individual in your party (with the exception of children under 12) brings a vegetarian* dish to share that will feed at least 6 people (vegan** dishes preferred so that all types of vegetarians may enjoy the food), along with the recipe or a list of ingredients.  Because of past issues with people not having enough to eat, please bring at least as much as your family is going to eat.  VSSJ provides beverages, so please provide a food contribution.  To promote recycling, VSSJ encourages you to bring your own plate, cup, and utensils if possible (we will have extra place settings).  Due to safety issues, children under 12 must be under parental supervision at all times.  Please make sure to check in at the door when you arrive.
      Vegetarian = No Meat, Fish, or Gelatin.
      Vegan = No Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Gelatin, or Honey.

      Not sure what to bring?  Easy options include:  garden salad, fruit salad, hummus with chips or crudités.  For a list of recipe sites, visit http://recipes.njveg.com.  Write us at thevssj@... for more suggestions.

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