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Seeking Vegans for Documentary Videos

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  • carolyngithens
    The info is on a web page http://forums.about.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?tsn=1&nav=messages&webtag=ab- animalrights&tid=44 The home page is
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2008
      The info is on a web page

      The home page is http://vegandocumentary.com/

      Forwarded message - please reply to casting@...

      Dear friends and colleagues, I am seeking vegans to interview for a
      series of short documentary videos that will collectively be known as
      I'm Vegan (I'm Vegan: Todd, I'm Vegan: Carlos, and so on). Depending
      on how these turn out, I may also weave some of these narratives into
      a feature-length documentary. To that end, I am looking for a variety
      of interesting vegans to interview during my March-May shoot. This is
      where you come in. You may be someone who demonstrates against animal
      exploiters or sells vegan products. You may be a vegan cookbook
      author or a vegan radio show host, but you know vegans and have
      access to vegans who are not. For this project, I'd like to focus on
      non-activists, non-philosophers, etc., vegans leading interesting
      lives outside or at the periphery of the AR/vegan community. Some
      examples include a vegan accountant who moonlights as a club DJ, a
      Silicon Valley entrepreneur, an ER doctor, a computer consultant who
      teaches Krav Maga, etc., etc. Some clarifications might be in order:
      If someone does a little advocacy in addition to their primary career
      (athletes and actors who occasionally speak out about veganism and
      animals, etc.) or is a full-time advocate in another area (anti-
      racism, human rights, environment), that will work. I'll also
      consider people who help animals in different capacities
      (veterinarians, shelter workers, etc.). I am mainly trying to avoid
      interviewing people whose primary focus is on vegan and animal
      advocacy or philanthropy in these areas. Please forward the following
      information to any potential candidates, or link them to
      vegandocumentary.com, where casting details also listed. If you have
      a blog, a podcast, radio show, or some other way of communicating to
      others about this project, or belong to or run any listservs or
      message boards, please distribute this info as widely as possible. To
      be considered as a potential profile subject for I'm Vegan, please:
      Send 2 recent digital snapshots, one close-up and one full-length.
      Share your city, state, and zipcode. Answer the following questions:
      How long have you been vegan? Why are you vegan? (and/or What was
      your "A-ha!" moment?) What does veganism mean to you? What is your
      favorite thing about being vegan? What is your least favorite thing
      about being vegan? What are your favorite and frequent pastimes or
      hobbies? Please share any kind of interesting story related to your
      being vegan (interaction with family members, roommates, schoolmates,
      co-workers, or experiences at restaurants, cafeterias, etc., etc.).
      Why should you be interviewed for I'm Vegan? Our route will take us
      all over the U.S., and possibly just over our borders, so if
      potential interviewees are at all highway accessible the submission
      will be considered. Even if you're not forwarding this to anyone or
      submitting, but if you want to stay posted on website updates and
      newly uploaded profiles (help me promote this project), visit
      vegandocumentary.com to sign up for the email list. Thanks in advance
      for your assistance.
      Best, Eric Eric Prescott Director, Producer I'm Vegan
      http://vegandocumentary.com eric@... (617) 640-6836
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